Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 6th February 2019

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Katey Lee Student Support Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching

CogSci isn´t very beginner friendly.
Answers on Piazza sometimes point towards the lecture slides which is not always helpful.
The gap in programming experience between 1st year students makes Java tutorials tricky to make engaging/helpful for everyone.

INF1-DA Improvements lectures are now being live streamed.

Please make use of the resources that are available. If you´re having trouble with Java attend the Programming Club.
Volker Seeker may be attendance who could certainly help you with what you don´t understand yet. And if he doesn´t, someone else will, also go to INF-Pals and INF-Base.

INF2C-CS the students felt the pattern of the exam wasn’t what they expected and they were disappointed with their exam marks.
INF2D the lecturer has slowed down his lectures slightly and is pausing more to take the time to answer questions, but they are still finding it difficult to read his handwriting.
Probability of Applications coursework deadline was moved from the Monday to the Thursday without being informed and by this time most of the students had done the coursework.

The students are happy that COMN is now being recorded.  No other issues to report.

Has the School looked into the policy of taking photos or taking their exams scripts away.
It was asked if TSPL will run next year and it is intended to run but all courses are subject to allocation of duty.

IMC first coursework submission was unclear how to submit, if it was to the ITO or in the lecture, it was also unclear about the deadline time if it was 2pm or 4pm.

No Reps in attendance.

Neil has requested that the minimum heating be kept set at a higher temperature than it currently is on Level 9.
Two bulbs are out in Level 6 kitchen area. This has now been reported.
The National Student Survey is now live.
Staff Student coffee mornings are being advertised and all are invited to attend when possible.

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