Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th March 2019

In attendance:, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Iain Dornan Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO,  Ian Durkacz  Computing Officer

Apologies:  Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS

Stuart is going to send out feedback regarding INF1-CG via an email.  Coursework 2 is reported to be poorly written.

INF2D could the lecturer be more prepared for the lectures, it appears he has not read the slides prior to the lecture.
Probability with Applications, the students would like the video recordings to be made available straight after the lecturer, but as a policy the lecturers have 24 hours to review their videos before posting on-line.

ILP students are still awaiting response from the Pavlos and Stuart.
ST coursework one has been reported that the instructions are hard to read and the source code is bad.

SP the coursework is worth 30% of the course and it is too large for a 10 credit course.
IoTSSC the students feel the course is badly supported the lab demonstrators have not been helpful, the hardware is insufficient and not compatible.

RL the students feel the coursework is too intense for an assignment that is worth 25% of the course and a 10 credit course.  They feel the expectation of the coursework is too high and parts of the code didn’t work.  There has been no response from the lecturer on the Piazza page and no helper guide has been made available.

Students were asking about the question raised last week about supplying a microwave, and also supplying a fridge.

Bayes is reported to be really cold especially at the weekend could this be looked into?

It was asked how long swipe cards have before they are de-activated after Graduation for UG4

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