Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 6th March 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Carol Dow Computing Support Officer

Apologies:  Student Support Team

There is still on-going issues with INF1-CG not being beginner friendly with programming in Python, and ILA experience, Stuart will talk to the lecturer.

No issues, students are busy with coursework.

SDP Stuart has spoken with Barbara Webb regarding the issues with Procurement, and is meeting with the SDP team to discuss the issues they had.
ILP the students are now happy that Pavlos is addressing the issue with students that received a 0, he is dealing with them case by case.  There is also an on-going issue the students were explicitly told that they would not be assessed on the JU testing and it wasn’t part of the marking criteria and it was,  5% of the grade was determined by the JU testing after it was promised it wasn’t, so therefore the majority of students didn’t do it.

No Reps in attendance.

APL the students feel there should be more courses available covering Software Engineering rather just Machine Learning.
NLU coursework 2, the students felt that training time took a lot longer than expected.

IRR the results are still not out from December.
The examination timetable is now available and some students have complained that they have 4 exams within 2 days, the timetable is made up by the Examinations team, this is done via a machine that has all the University’s information and it generates the timetable according to locations, space available.  It is unfortunate but some students could have 4 exams within days of one another or one on the first day of the diet and one on the last, but it is out of the School’s hands.

It was asked about supplying a microwave for students to use in Appleton Tower, at the moment there isn’t one available and this is because on two occasions before the previous microwave has caused the fire alarm to go off, and the fire brigade had to attend and some students were refusing to evacuate the building on their request.  As the building has 24 hour access and there are no fire stewards available out of hours, this it is not possible.  Neil will talk to the Buildings Team and see if it is maybe possible to have a time microwave which is only available within the working hours.

The School is looking into running weekend long Hackathons, which would involve the use of Levels 4, 5 and 6 and asked the Reps how they would feel about the floors being blocked off over a weekend, they said it may be problematic if there are deadlines and the students don’t have access to the DICE Machine, or could even two floors be used rather than them all?

Neil would like to try and use the last Rep meeting to have lunch and discuss how the Student Support Team could do more involving students, like coffee afternoons, etc.

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