Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd October 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO



INF1A the last two labs have been much better than previous weeks.  The answers to the lab sheets were really confusing, there appears to be no consistency with the tutorials, maybe more support and advice could be given to the tutors, so they are all being taught the same.

*Action Stuart to talk to Mike* (Stuart has talked to Michael and he has agreed that his new approach to some of the material could have been better supported.)


No issues for this week, just the same issues as the week before.


No complaints, the students are busy with approaching deadlines.


TSPL is being taught in a room 5.07, AT and it has no lecture recording facility, the class is very small, but maybe a camera could be set up?

*Action Alex*


IVC there is now more information than before available on-line.


SRM there was some feedback but the Rep has taken this straight to the Course Organiser.


Neil asked if the students could think of any ideas or suggestions for any events that they would like to do.

A Rep mentioned that some people’s jobs running on the student.compute server were hogging the CPU time so his own and some other’s processes were not being allocated as much time and thus running much slower than he expected.  He was asked by Jennifer could put in a support ticket giving them all the details – times, processes, users.

The lights in AT are on energy saving mode, so if there is no movement in room the lights will automatically go off.

The Reps had their EUSA training in the week and they asked about handover notes, this is something they would need to contact EUSA directly.

Update from Alex Burford for AFDS she checked the recording schedule for AFDS and there are two lectures per week:

Tuesday lectures are in the Teviot Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre (Old Medical School). This teaching space only supports audio and screen.

Thursday lectures are in the AT Lecture Theatre 2 and both chalkboards are being recorded and are in view and there appears to have no issues with these.

The Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre doesn’t appear to have a visualiser so there is no workaround here. I would therefore recommend requesting a room change for this class – and explain that a space which supports video recording is required.

*Action Stuart/He Sun* (Stuart is investigating the feasibility of a room change).

At the end of the meeting there was a discussion about the use of LEARN and the promised meeting with students.  Stuart has started to organise this.


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