Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 9th October 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Gordon Reid Computing Support Officer

Stuart welcomed all the new Reps and thanked them for volunteering their time to becoming a Rep, he explained that this weekly meeting is to address any issues that arise and could be fixed quickly, this meeting involves all the Reps across the years.  Neil said that if students are not comfortable to bring any issues to this meeting, they can contact himself and Stuart regardless if it is negative or positive, at the end of the Semesters there will be Staff Student Liaison Meeting, which will only be for a specific year groups with the Year Organiser and lecturers, to discuss any issues that have arisen throughout the Semester and can be taken to make improvements for the following year.

Minutes are taken in the weekly meeting and then put onto the Blog


INF1A the students feel that lab this week is difficult to understand, especially with the Sequent Calculus, there is a lot of content.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*  Stuart talked to the lecturer – he would like more feedback on specific issues so he can consider the issue carefully.

The wi-fi in the George Aitken lecture theatre, hasn’t been great, which could be to do with the volume of students connecting to it.



INF2C-CS the students are happy with the course.

INF2-IADS there has been a bit of confusion on Path with extra labs being added to the students timetables, there has been some changes with additional labs being added and double room bookings but hopefully this issue should be resolved quickly, as PATH updates every day.



ILP the slides are to slow in being released *Stuart will talk to the lecturer*



There has been slight confusion with what is happening with Project Group meetings, there is a new Project Coordinator this year and she is currently working on organising the groups.



IAML is reported to be a good course, it now has 2 lecturers covering the course due to the size of the class, the class has doubled in size from the previous year, but the School is hopeful that the course should run smoothly.

It was reported that some lecturers are not using the throw mic, and lecturers are not repeating the questions being asked by students, so the other students don’t know what the question was, to appreciate the answer.  *Action Neil to send out an email*

There has been reported that a few classes are clashing, the School don’t schedule the lecture slots this is done via Timetabling, hopefully these issues  should be fixed next year, but all the lectures should now be recorded and can be seen on-line.

There is only one AI course scheduled in Semester 2, but this is due to the lack of AI lecturers, the School has recruited more AI lectures, so next year this should rectify this problem.



Stuart mentioned that some of the bigger courses may not be able to mark the coursework within the designated return period, this is due to high volume of attendees and maybe not enough markers, it is hoped that if any late returns can be reported back to the students before the deadline of returned mark, so they are aware of any delays and not waiting on something that is expected when it isn’t.

Week mid semester survey’s will be released and if the Reps could try and encourage students to complete these.

There has been issues with the lifts in AT this week, not stopping on the basement and ground levels, which is an issue for any students with disabilities, Neil has escalated this to Estates.

Level 9 the toilet signage has been changed from male and female to a gender neutral sign.

Level 9 is only available to final year students 4th and 5th year, in the summer when the final year students graduate, the Master students will be given access to this floor.

The Entrepreneurial space in the basement of Appleton Tower, will soon become a Usability lab.  It is likely that outside of Teaching Time it will still be used to support Entrepreneurship.

Qais Patankar currently runs Better Inf and will be looking for volunteers to take over when he graduates next Summer, he is also going to set up a group chat for Reps.

It was asked if there could be more help with transitioning into the School for Direct Entry students.

Any course issues that may arise doesn’t necessarily have to be brought to this meeting, students can also ask questions on the course Piazza page, or go directly to the lecturer.

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