Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th November 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Alison Downie Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Actions from last week:

Stuart is still to talk to the lecturer for INF2-IADS about cutting down the material in his lecture slides.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

UG1 the issues with the flickering slides appears to be related to the refreshing times being so much faster on newer Macs than those on the Echo360 boxes. IS are aware of this and it is currently with their maintenance team, until a permanent fix has been put in place, the following workaround was suggested: connect via VGA (rather than HDMI).   This has now been tested and recordings are now displaying correctly for this class.

Stuart has still to talk to the IVR lecturer.  *Action Stuart*

Neil still needs to look into student access to the Informatics Forum.  *Action Neil*

Stuart spoke to the Information Services Group about location gathering and is still awaiting a response.

Stuart will bring the Good Practice Auto-marking issue to the Teaching Committee today.  *Action Stuart*


It was asked if INF1 will be running revision lectures, but it was suggested to ask the lecturer directly and if he isn’t keen, then maybe a tutor could do it, as the class it so large and only the Gordon Aikman lecture theatre can accommodate a class of this size, if the space is unavailable, it may be the case that two sessions will be required.  If the students do require any extra help, then they can attend the drop in labs and InfBase.


The students doing INF2C-SE still feel that this is not worth a 10 credit course, there are 3 coursework’s and the reading is too much, Stuart mentioned that this will be the last time this course runs, next year it be a new course and will be a 20 credit course.  *Action Stuart*

DMMR the students feel they really want the use of Tophat, although teaching has nearly finished, again this course will change to DMP next year with new staff and Tophat will be in use.

INF2C-CS coursework one has now been returned and the students are happy with the results and happy with the course.

INF2-IADS there has been an improvement in the slides with the second lecturer taking over, they are a lot clearer, more like slides rather than to notes.


IAML the coursework, the box that the students have to complete a question in, there isn’t enough space in it, and the coursework states that if there is too much in it, it won’t be marked, and also you have to complete 17 rows and there is only enough space for 8.

The issues with asking questions publicly on Piazza is still the same, the TA will answer privately asked questions on Piazza but the lecturers won’t answer the publicly asked ones.  *Action Stuart*


HCI  coursework one the submission deadline was 4 weeks ago and the coursework has still not been returned.  *Action Stuart*

It was reported that students on joint degrees where not receiving emails send to the ug4-students mailing list, they were only receiving emails sent to the course specific mailing list, this issue has now been resolved.

CG the coursework was released on Tuesday 12th November, and it was a day late but the lecturer is trying to set up a Poll to see if the coursework deadline should be moved.  *Action Stuart*


It was asked if mid semester feedback is available, this is only the case of students have actually gave any feedback!  Stuart will bring this to Teaching Committee, and ask about a better approach to md semester feedback.

IVC the coursework was released in week 7, 8th November and is due on the 22nd November, the Piazza page was also only set up this week and the information was not made available until very late into the course, there has been complaints been made.  *Action Stuart and Neil*


Computing Support reported that quota for UG4 students is agreed on the basis of teaching needs, 10GB is deemed more than adequate, should a student require more for e.g. for project work, then the process is not difficult. They can ask their supervisor to endorse the request and they can fill in the support form, depending on how much they require, it may be more appropriate to give them ‘group’ space – increasing their home directory is not always the best option, for example, if a student requires a further 100GB space, they would not add this to their home directory allocation.

It was also asked if students can stop un-plugging screens, keyboards and mice from the DICE machines. Computing Support do run regular checks on the labs – a report is produced daily but they do not have the resource available to visit labs daily to fix these issues if students do un-plug screens etc. then they should plug  them back in when they are finished.

Neil mentioned the email he sent round last week about Edinburgh Features Institute workshop next Wednesday and it would be good if some Reps could attend.

It was asked if Qais Pantankar being the UG School Rep if he could ask EUSA about the timing of the Rep elections, currently the PG Reps elections are held just before the MSc students start, which means Informatics currently do not have a PG Rep, and EUSA say that they don’t have enough resources to hold a By-election.  Neil has also been in touch with Sarah Moffat the Rep and Democracy Manager in EUSA.

The on-line calendars are reported to be wrong, but this is a timetabling issue as this year is the first year that timetabling are responsible for organising tutorials and lecturers, and as it is new it will take time to import all information from various systems like EUCLID etc.


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