Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 27th November 2019

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching

Actions from last week:

Access to the Informatics Forum, Neil is still looking into this.  *Action Neil*

When will additional monitors to be made available on Level 9?  *Action Kendal*

The power sockets on Level 9 have now been fixed.

Drainage issues at the entrance to the basement, Neil will take this to the Building Committee Meeting next week.  *Action Neil*


Not much to report, there was some issues but the Reps took this directly to the lecturer.

Can the Reps advise the CL class that it is very important to attend tutorial 10, as the tutorial will be a take home paper, that is a mock exam and the solutions will be covered in the tutorial.


Nothing to report, the students are busy with coursework deadlines.

INF2C-CS there are not enough Demonstrators available in the drop in lab, Neil advised that the School is planning the year ahead to have more resources made available.

INF2C-SE the work load is too heavy for a 10 credit course.


The Reps had their SSLC meeting this week, that went well.


It was asked if the School has a Careers Advisors specifically for Informatics, we do and his name is Steve Norman and he is based in the Main Library Building.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


The ITO will look for the Christmas decorations, to put on Level 6.  *Action Kendal*

It was asked if more events could be held, as the students feel there isn’t a lot of student interaction especially within the MSc year.

Neil suggested to make some suggestion of what kind of thing they would like to do potentially at the start of Semester 2 and the School could provide funding.  The Reps also feel more events held in AT would potentially raise attendance.


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