Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 30th October 2019

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Alison Downie Computing Support Officer, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching


CL the tutorial questions are hard to understand and the students would like some examples to be made available.  Neil suggested talking directly to the lecturer, and if nothing is made available then to let himself or Stuart know.


The students are all busy with deadlines, and there was nothing to report.


DBS the lecture slides are not made available on-line until after the lecture.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

IAML there was only group feedback made available, the students would have preferred individual feedback.


No issues to report.


No issues to report.


IVC there is still no coursework date set!  *Action Stuart*


Neil Heatley discussed the possibility of doing activities such as Beer Pong and Yoya.

The Reps would like to know what actions have been done from previous meetings.

It was asked if the coursework planner on-line could be updated?  *Neil I don’t actually know what this is!*

Alison mentioned that there is currently power testing going on in AT levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been done, with some machines currently not working in Room 7.03, level 4 and 5 will be done from 7pm tonight and level 3 will be done on Monday 4th November between 7am – 3pm.


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