Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 6th November 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Kendal Reid ITO


The on-line slides that are recorded are flickering for the CL and FP lectures, these are recorded in the Gordon Aitken Building.  *Action Alex*

Response:  The issue appears related to refreshing times being so much faster on newer Macs than those on the Echo360 boxes. IS are aware of this and it is currently with their maintenance team. Until a permanent fix has been put in place, the following workaround was suggested: connect via VGA (rather than HDMI).   This has now been tested and recordings are now displaying correctly for this class.

INF1-FP the students feel that the tutorials would be best extended to an hour and a half,  the feel  they do not have enough time to cover the tutorial questions, Stuart suggested that asking the tutors to start with the more difficult questions and it was also suggested that they students could go to INFBase where there tutors there to help.


INF2C-SE the students feels there is too much reading involved outside of the lectures, and they don’t know what material will be examined.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

Response: I have done this – ongoing.

INF2-IADS the first formative coursework was due this week and the reps feel that a lot of students did not do submit this, they felt  the timing of it wasn’t great, and the incentive to do to it wasn’t there due to other assessed coursework deadlines. *Action Stuart to talk to the lectures*


PI there now past paper solutions available so the students are happy with this.

IVR for next year it was suggested that tutorials would be beneficial and can past paper solutions be made available?  *Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

IAML coursework 2 has now been released and the lecturer will not answer any question asked on the Piazza page unless there is an error in the coursework, he will not respond to anything other than that!


CG coursework 1 was delayed in being released to the students, Neil spoke to the ITO and they were entered on the Wednesday 30th October and released on Monday 4th November (which falls within the target of 3 working days turn around for processing marks), the slight delay was due to the INF1-FP class test submission of 400+ submissions.  The students would also have liked to have had more detailed feedback, especially when receiving low marks and auto-marking is done.  Stuart will look into the good practice for auto-marking and bring it to the Teaching Committee.  *Stuart to bring back to the meeting*

Response: Will bring back in week 10.

Coursework 2 took far longer to complete than originally stated, a lot of students preferred to do coursework 3, but after the deadline for coursework 2 the marking guideline was changed and now the students who didn’t do it feel they could have got more marks than anticipated.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lectures*


It was asked about what the legal basis of location gathering used in Tophat, and where is the data kept?  Stuart explained that the attendance is taken more for flagging up any students that maybe having any issues causing them not to attend tutorials and lectures.  *Stuart you may wish to add more to this*

Response: This has ben raised with Information Services Group and they say they will get back next week.


IVC the coursework has now been released, there has also been an improvement with the lecturer communicating with the students.


The University will soon issue a statement regarding the upcoming strike action,  Stuart informed the Reps that any material that isn’t covered to the build-up of the exams will not be examinable.

Neil will soon be sending out email advertising 2 paid Internship positions, this will go out to UG2, UG3 and UG4 students that are planning to stay on to do a MInf, the application process will be starting in February 2020.

A poll was run asking if 4th year students wanted  access to the Forum and only 29% said they would, but Neil has to look into this as giving access to the Forum will also give access to Bayes.  *Action Neil to look into this*

EUSA will soon publish last year’s handover documents on the Student Reps Learn page.


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