Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 12th February 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


UG1 – Nothing to report.

UG2 – Nothing to report, just busy with the INF2-IADS deadline due today.

UG3 – The students are concerned about the upcoming Strike actions, and how this will affect their work especially with SDP as the Strike falls on days where there is Demo’s and the students are worried that some of the people in their groups will not attend as they will not want to cross the picket line and how this will affect their group marks.

ILP Stephen Gilmore is hoping to the preliminary marks back to the students by the end of February.

UG4 – Nothing to report.

UG5 – NLC coursework requires you to work with a partner for coursework one and two, but you are not allowed to work with the same partner, although the coursework has already passed the students don’t see what the point it having to find a new partner for the second coursework.

MSc – There appears to be some discontent regarding MLP but this will be discussed at today’s SSLC meeting.


General – Strike action is a concern for the students, Stuart is planning to discuss this with Neil Heatley and Gillian Bell next week, and send some information out to the students.  The exam setting deadline is this Friday 14th February, so all the exams will be set before the strike happens, the School don’t know what teaching staff will be taking part in the action as they are not obliged to say.  There is also concern about the fees that students are paying and the loss of teaching hours.  (University Terms and Conditions exclude such payments…)

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