Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 26th February 2020

In attendance: Jane Hillston Head of School, Kendal Reid ITO

Strike Action – Appleton Tower was occupied at 6am this morning by students who are supporting the current strike action.  Neil informed the Reps that they should leave AT by 2pm this afternoon.  Security won’t stop students or supporters entering the building It is advised that no-one should enter the building as it is a Health and Safety issue, as the building is not staffed and some of the doors have been padlocked shut.

The ITO  has been relocated to Room 2.33 Informatics Forum and all coursework that has to be submitted can be done by handing it into the Forum reception.  Computing Support Staff and Technicians have also be relocated to the Forum, if any issues arise they can be contacted here:

Timetabling are currently working on moving any lectures and tutorials that were due to take place in AT.

As the servers are also based in AT this could prove to be an issue for connecting to DICE.

This occupation will not affect the exam dates that are set, this is due to a tight timetable of the exam dates,  exam boards and then the Graduation Dates, these cannot change.

 INFPals is currently looking at alternative venues.

UG3 – The students are concerned about the SDP Demo’s that were scheduled for today, this is being looked into by Barbara Web, it is suggested that the students should take video recordings of their robot demo’s.  The School is currently looking at alternative labs that the students can use for SDP, they are looking at the possibility of using Argyle House.

CS – the lecturer and the TA are both on strike and the coursework is due in 9 days for part one and the submit instructions didn’t work, part two no submission instructions were provided and for part 3 there was a submit command error, the students have emailed the TA and there has been no response on Piazza and this is now urgent, there is no strike action scheduled for Friday 29th, so could Neil get the lecturer or TA to reply then?  *Action Neil*

FNLP – the coursework questions are still unclear, the lecturer has now advertised an office hour to help but the replies on Piazza are still vague!  *Action Neil*

UG4 –  The MLP deadline has now been extended by a week.

The Reps are meeting with Stephen Gilmore on Friday to discuss a Honours Project extension due to the strike, with disruption of not having access to DICE and some supervisors being on strike and not available.

MSc – It was asked about students receiving compensation for the lost teaching hours, Neil will look into this. (University Terms and Conditions explicitly exclude this…)


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