Student Staff Rep Meeting – 5th February 2020

General issues:

The meeting began with a general discussion of Wi-Fi issues in the Gordon Aikman Lecturer Theatre – there was a suggestion from Mohammed for all the students in 1st year to submit an individual ticket complaining about the Wi-Fi, however this would likely create a negative response from the ISS team and would possibly cause more issues that it would solve. The idea was therefore shelved for now.

Action: Stuart Anderson will instead email the director of Information Services to discuss the issue.

Update: Week commencing 24 Feb work will be carried out to improve the situation in Gordon Aikman theatre.

Personal Tutors – it was commented that students can call their PTs from the telephone list if they are having trouble getting hold of them. However, for things with deadlines such as course choices, students can contact the SST or ITO for help.

Lecture recordings – Informatics 2 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (INFR08026) and Data Visualisation (INFR11190) not being recorded. Data Visualisation, in particular, is not being recording by choice of the lecturer. As well as this, Data Visualisation does not have a Learn page but does have an inf web page.

Learn MeetingAction: Neil Heatley to confirm meeting date with Stuart Anderson and Alex Burford.

Level 9 – Level 9 continues to receive complains regarding the temperature. Estates will now be monitoring heating on Level 9 to establish what it is they need to do to fix the issue.

Strikes – As staff do not need to tell us they are striking, it is difficult to comment on what will and what will not be affected. When attempting to minimise disturbance, priority is given to final year students.

UG1 – no comments

UG2 – Probability with Applications (MATH08067) has received some complaints – The lecture does not always explain the use of what he is teaching; the majority of lecture time is spent on proofs which the lecturer then comments that the students do not need to know proofs. The lectures are very theoretical and do not have enough problems in them. However, this is the last year PWA will run.

Action: UG2 rep to email Neil Heatley with more information; Neil Heatley to speak to the School of Mathematics.

Coursework published late for Informatics 2 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (INFR08026) – as it is a short deadline, can the students have two extra days to submit the coursework?

Action: Neil Heatley to talk to Mary Cryan and John Longley.

Tutorials for Informatics 2 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (INFR08026) and Informatics 2B – Learning (INFR08028) have been poor in quality. There are undergraduate students teaching them who seem lost at times and are unable to help with problems that students have.

There was some general discussion about the quality of tutors – tutor training is seen as useless and it was questioned how much support tutors receive from the course organiser. In general, tutors need to have a better baseline knowledge.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Mary Cryan and John Longley about support for tutors.

UG3 – There were complaints about the feedback received for System Design Project (INFR09032). Reps commented that the marking was very harsh and they feel they have been penalised for not including aspects that they were told were not required or that the instructions did not make clear were required. As well as this, the tone of the feedback was harsh. The main issue is with transparency and consistency between SDP experts and the marks received.  It needs to be clearer what is being asked of students in the coursework.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Barbara Webb.

Foundations of Natural Language Processing (INFR09028) has had complaints about the automarker not accepting coursework. A lot of time is spent trying to get automarker to accept the coursework.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Alex Lascarides.

Software Testing (INFR10057) – lectures have been slow; multiple examples are used to explain an idea, however each example is very similar and so are not useful and wastes time. The lecturer spends too much time on the slides and does not complete them within the lecture. However, it is unclear whether this effects future lectures and whether previous lectures continue into the next lecture to make up for not finishing the previous lecture.

Computer Security (INFR10067) – this weeks tutorial sheet was only released this week and therefore students were going to the Monday tutorial without having had seen the handout.

UG4 – Forum access was briefly discussed however, this issue has already been resolved and UG4 can now apply for forum access.

UG5 – Internet of Things Systems, Security, and the Cloud (IoTSSC) (INFR11146) lecturers have not been providing the videos that students are asked to watch before each lecture in a timely manner. Students are not receiving videos until two days before the lecture and are having difficulty finding time to watch them.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Paul Patras.

MSc – no comments.

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