Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 1st April 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer,  Kendal Reid ITO


No reps were in attendance, there is an INF1B coursework due that is 100% coursework, so the students will be busy working on that.


No reps were in attendance.


SDP the students now have the website template.

FNLP the students who had extensions for the coursework still haven’t received their marks.  The coursework was part hand written and part electronic, which was marked by automaker, they feel that marks received for the written part where harsh and the feedback didn’t give a lot of feedback of where the students had went wrong.

OS the students are still waiting for coursework 2 to be returned!

Third year students carrying second year courses will be treated in the same way as the current UG2 students.  Coursework will be considered together with performance in other examinations.  If the board cannot find sufficient evidence to support progression it is likely that some form of summer assessment will take place.


AGTA the students had asked if it was possible to receive their paper copies of the coursework, to view their feedback as the coursework covers the learning outcomes of the course, but as the paper copies are currently being held in the ITO,  this is not possible.

DS there was issues with the students not getting any response on Piazza until the day before the coursework was due.


MLP there is still no feedback received yet for coursework 2.  *Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

IRR grades appeared on the Learn page this morning and then they were taken down again, this cause upset within the class, the lecturer has now announced on Piazza that the grades will be out next week.  ** We believe this will be possible this week **


Will the format of the exam be modified?  No all the exams were set before the Pandemic.  There may be some very minor changes, to take account of the open book nature of the exam context.  The examination papers will be available for download in pdf format in LEARN.  All examinations will be considered open book.  If some students don’t have access to certain programs when working from home the School will accept photographs of exam questions that had to be handwritten.  ** Detailed advice on this is being developed at the moment. **

It is likely that the examination timings will closely follow the published examination timetable and students should expect this.  However, the timetable is being considered at the moment and there may be revisions to the timetable.

For many courses the coursework covers most of the learning outcomes and so the coursework may be sufficient to could award a pass or fail or a grade fro the course.  The final details are still being developed.  The School is awaiting more information.  Stuart is working on the FAQ and letters that will go out to all students that will give much more detailed guidance on what will be put into place when we have definitive information.

It was asked if a list of courses could be sent out indicating what courses will be considered as pass or fail and what ones will be awarded a grade.  *Action Stuart – this will be done once the University guidance is finalised.*


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