Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 21st October 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – 21st October 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer,  Jennifer Oxley Computing Support, Alex Burford Learning Technologist, Kendal Reid ITO


The students reported that they were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of deadlines they have on a weekly basis.  They also felt that the deadline for Introduction to Linear Algebra had a tight deadline, Bjoern has spoken with the CO in Maths and he is aware of it.  It was reported that some students cannot see their marks in Learn for INF1-CL.

*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

The students would like to have some help with tips or tricks on how to handle their deadlines and work flow.  Bjoern said he would talk to Fiona McNeil who runs INFConnect, .  Alex mentioned that in Learn in the Assessment tab at the bottom there is a Coursework Planner and if the students go into (VPN required) they can access their personalised coursework planner.

Some students are finding it difficult to hear their tutors online and they may have issues with their microphones, Bjoern suggested that they inform their tutors of this and if the tutors need help in purchasing equipment then they can talk to Neil.


Discrete Mathematics and Probability is not presented well and not engaging.

Maths supply their students with drawing tablets which helps them when doing their Maths work, but students who are from Informatics doing Maths courses aren’t supplied with them.  Bjoern suggested that a basic stylus can be purchased and used on a phone with an App or a tablet.  Alex also suggested the Multimedia Equipment Loans page:




  • Accessibility of content online
  • Content posted on time
  • Active Piazza boards, office hours and clear times for things across ILP IDB and PI
  • Interesting courses

Bad: Lack of information on assessments

Suggestions: Better filing system in Learn, more consistent

Introduction to Applied Machine Learning (IAML)

Good: Has provide enough quizzes to test our understanding of the materials to compensate the materials that cannot cover online

Bad: Poor quality of lectures / not enough explanations

Informatics Large Practical (ILP)

Good: The early deadline for CW1


  • Material needed for assignment only taught 1 week after it was published
  • Labs are overcrowded and unstructured

Suggestions: Upload the ILP lectures earlier (at least the slides)

Introduction to Databases (IDB)

Good: Extremely well put together and the lecturer has been great at communication and online teaching

Bad: Quality of live lectures are really bad: the audio and video keep on breaking

Suggestions: Upload more materials / examples to solidify knowledge

Algorithms and Data Structures (ADS)


  • Lack of tutorials, tutors reading off solutions without answering questions
  • Lecturer not being very informative on the course content
  • No mechanisms for asking for help – no live lectures and no piazza forum has not been set up
  • Students have reached out to course organiser to start a Pizza page, but their emails have been ignored


  • Keep us informed about what is/should be going with the course, from tutorials to coursework
  • Add weekly quizzes like some other courses implement so as to be better prepared for coursework and the exam
  • Create Piazza page

*Action Bjoern to talk the lecturer*

Introduction to Vision and Robotics (IVR)

Bad: The lectures don’t give sufficient material to explain how to do the work being set out


Positive Feedback:

MLP is very well ran and the students are learning a lot.

BDL lecturer is very good and the deadlines are well spread out.

PDIoT the lecturer is really conscientious and is always asking for feedback and taking any feedback on board and he is very helpful.

IAML the students feel that is too much content and are spending a lot more time on the course than first anticipated.


The test last week was found to be really difficult and the students felt it was held to early in the course.  It was mentioned that there are no tutorials in the course only office hours but there are tutorials scheduled in Learn.


DBBA the lecturer runs over his allocated lecture time slot and because they are recorded using Media Hopper, the students are missing out in the last 5 minutes of the lecture, the recordings are recorded within the time of the room booking.

*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

CDI the students are receiving lots of emails which are targeted to other groups, so not always relevant.

HCI the tutorial time schedule in Learn were not correct and no tutors were present, these have now been moved to Zoom.

*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

IRR some students couldn’t join tutorials and there was time and tutor changes.


Extensions request are now being dealt with Centrally, more information can found on the below link:

The students feel that better communication is required from lecturers regarding any course information.  There are too many channels of communications that things can get missed, it would be best if all the courses followed the same line of communication.  Fiona McNeil is doing a survey through INF Connect to see what the preferred line of communication would be.  *Action Bjoern to talk to Fiona*

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