Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 11th November 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 11th November 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Alison Downie Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


Some students being new to the University are struggling and they feel there is a lack of support, the Counselling Serive has a 3 month back waiting list. Students can contact the Student Support Team if they need to:

INF1A some of the marks are on Learn but not in EUCLID. The lecturers need to let the ITO know when the marks are ready for Euclid before they are uploaded. The marks for INF1A-FP on Learn and CodeGrade aren’t ready to upload some marks are ready to upload for CL so four sets of CL marks are on Euclid but the ITO hasn’t been given FP marks yet.


Due to the large workload and deadline overlaps, it was asked if this issue could be addressed so it doesn’t happen in Semester 2. Neil explained that at the end of every Semester we hold a Staff Student Liaison Meeting with the Reps and the course lecturers to address any issues at programme level for going forward.
*Action Neil to look at the deadlines for Semester 2*

INF2C-CS the students are really enjoying the course and the lecturers enthusiasm.

INF2-IADS the students are enjoying John’s music in the lecture, and the course is well ran, great responses from the lecturers and on Piazza.

INF2-FDS the notes are very good but they feel a in person workshop would be helpful.

Students have indicated that course organisers for DMP need to review the lecture materials as they don’t feel they are of the same quality as other courses. They have also outlined that the camera quality needs looked at.

It was asked if there are any UG opportunities available, but Neil explained that at the moment if there are any they are offered to the MSc and PhD students.


ADS the coursework was formative the students have had their marks back but no feedback and no solutions were made available and there has been no response from the lecturer.

Following the comments last week about the ILP coursework, Neil spoke with the delivery team about the feedback that marks were taken away unexpectedly.
They have outlined that the coursework specification tells the students on the course what they are to do but the information on how they are to do it is found in the course lectures. The lectures are not redundant and shouldn’t be skipped. They provide an explanation of what the coursework is asking for and they explain terms used in the coursework document (such as explaining what a “Maven build” is, for example). Students who don’t watch the lectures, and who don’t engage with the course on other platforms such as Piazza, put themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to completing the coursework.
They don’t agree with the interpretation that marks were taken away, the marking criteria was fully described in the specification document.
They are happy to take direct comments via the ILP office hours if anyone wants to take the conversation further.
The students feel that there is a lot of slides and no instruction on how a report should look and some students don’t know how to use latex.

IDB there is a 2 hour test next Wednesday and it will consist of 70% multiple choice and 30% open questions, the lecturer has indicated that if one question in the multiple choice is not correct then the open questions will not be marked.

IVR the students feel that they need additional notes and some students are struggling as they don’t have a mathematical background.


Positive feedback:
MLPR is great.
Students appreciate the staff are trying their best in the current situation.
HCI the lecturer shows concern for the class.
BIO1 is very well organised, the lecturer is very approachable and is quick in marking and responding to the enquiries.

Negative Feedback:
There are no extensions for some of the courses.

NAT has not improved there has been lots of issues and the lecturer has not been helpful and the coursework is badly organised. The material supplied for the coursework is not clear, the questions asked on Piazza, the replies are not clear, the information they have is very scattered and the students are not clear on what they are supposed to be learning.
*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

DBS lectures are deleted soon after and are not saved anywhere.
*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

Honours Project is a 40 credit course which is the equivalent of 400 hours work, but how much work is ok to be done at this stage and how much help can the students ask from their supervisor? Neil replied that the students should try and engage with their supervisor at least once a week.


A course organiser wanted to extend a deadline because he realised that the time given was not enough. Bjoern replied that the Course organisers do set course wide deadlines and can shift deadlines for the whole class (subject to coordination with the Programme Director/Year Organiser), and can let the ITO know of this change but cannot grant extensions to individual students. Extensions for indivudal students can be requested by the student, this is now dealt with centrally and not by the ITO.

IRR there has been a lot of complaints about IRR, although the deadline of coursework 2 has been extended, IRR is not organised very well especially tutorials. The template of coursework 2 was released late just 4 days before the original deadline and the important information like the structure of IRR outline was missed because the tutor didn’t show up without any reason. One of the students’ tutor said that every time he joined his tutorial session following the time table, there was no one in the session and afterwards he received the email which said the tutorial session was cancelled and would be changed into Friday but he did not receive the email about specific time the tutorial would be rearranged by the end of the Friday and has missed two tutorials already and the tutorial he should have attended introduced how to write coursework 2.


There was some confusion about the email that was sent out to the students from Bjoern about Semester 2 teaching activities. There are on campus activities being held such as lectures and tutorials. Bjoern is talking to the course organisers about their plans for semester 2 teaching, also taking into account the daily changes issued by the Scottish Government.

It was reported that some students are not keen to use the study space in Appleton Tower, as they think that the air coming into the building is recycled. Neil explained that the air coming into the building is not recycled and comes in from the vents. The students feel that the study space made available in the main library is more suitable.

Students can book rooms in AT via the below link:

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