Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th November 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th November 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Jade Gilhooly Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer,  Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1-CL the lecture was reported to be uploaded late, the students have a tutorial on a Tuesday that they are meant to watch beforehand but the lecture was not uploaded until the Wednesday.

INF-1-FP lectures are released on a Monday so the students feel that CL is out of cycle.

ILA the videos have not been comprehensive enough but this week there has been improvement, Maths have also looked into the clash on the 2nd December with INF1-FP coursework, test and Quiz and INF1-CL test and decided to move the ILA deadline to the 6th December.


INF2C-CS very good enthusiasm from the lecturer and the course is enjoyable, although they feel there is a slight lack in clarity with coursework 2.  They had to use GIT and they feel that this was not easy to follow, and they had to google it, a video on how to use this would be helpful.  They have only had 2 labs on MIPS and one on C, the coursework is 60% dependant on C.  The pointer the lecturer uses in the lectures is really unclear to the students on the screen.

*Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

INF2-FDS the students get questions after each lecturer but they don’t receive any feedback on how well they are doing in the course, there is a class test which is worth 10%, so more information on how their knowledge on the course would be helpful and could some practice questions be made available?

*Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

INF2-IADS  the students felt that coursework code was violated in the Python conventions but they did enjoy the design.

DMP there are still issues with the quality of the on-line videos, they are not clear, and there was issues with the DMP marking.

*Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*


Scheduling of the exams, although there is a 3 hour window for the exams to be sat which go live at 13:00 hours BST, it was asked for some students that are in various time zones could the window be opened to 24 hours?  Neil explained for this diet, the time can’t be changed but this will be looked into for the Semester 2 exam diet.

IAML Neil has spoken with the lecturer and he is going to contact the class regarding the rubric in Gradescope.

ILP the evidence reports did not have to use Latex, using Word was also an option and sample solutions are not supplied. The lectuerer will give feedback to the class regarding the language in the report.



HCI coursework 1 feedback is only getting released now more than a week after the coursework 2 deadline, which means that the students we not able to use it to improve their work.

Human-Computer Interaction could feedback be given for the first and second courseworks, as the final coursework is very much related.

BDL coursework 2 instructions were really vague leading to a lot of people getting marked down for rewarding the winner of the game what in the mind of the marker was the wrong amount. The marks should have been adjusted to accept both interpretations.
The specification was poorly worded, leading to several students misinterpreting one of the core parts of the coursework, namely the logic when it came to awarding points to the winner, most students thought it worked like a transitional bet in that the winner puts in money and only profits with the opponent’s bet, but the way it was supposed to be implemented was a system in which the winner takes home their own money plus the sum of the total bets made.

Some of the feedback was given mentioned techniques the students weren’t taught, so it was questionable how students would’ve been able to improve if they didn’t know about these techniques.


DBS the lecturer is very wholesome.

Computing in the classroom is good, the weekly emails give the course a nice personal touch and the lecturer is very good.

NAT the recent coursework base code was in java script and no python code, the coursework uses neuro networks but it wasn’t taught only a one hour video was made available, the students felt that java script is not required for machine learning, the course also uses alot of references to Wikipedia.  The students have discussed the issues with the lecturer in the mornings Q&A session so he is aware.


It was asked if there will be more in person events coming up and Bjoern explained that although himself and Jane have give some they are is discussion to plan more future events.

IRR the students have received their grades for coursework one but there was no feedback received.  They feel that they were mislead on coursework instructions and they had no prior knowledge of the topics and felt they were at a disadvantage.

*Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*


It was asked about students who are currently studying in China, and using the VPN service from China, the below link should help:

Student Representaives can attend Teaching Committee and Board of Studies to see what is discussed at Taught Programme Level and all this information is also made visiable

It was asked what the Athena SWAN award it is a national charter mark that recognises the advancement of gender equality in higher education, encompassing representation, progression and success for all.

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