Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 25th November 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 25th November 2020

Staff in attendance:, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Jade Gilhooly Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer,  Mohammed Javaid Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


Maths reading guides do not say why answers are incorrect or provide solutions and the weekly lectures are now improving.

CL Tutorials are not being marked and feedback is not being received – students do not know what is right or wrong in their work, the lectures are uploaded late (after the tutorials).

Claudia is very good and is always there to help; her weekly to do list posts are very much appreciated.


There is some confusion over extensions – a student was told SST do not do extensions anymore without clear guidance to apply to the centralised extension team which left the student thinking no extensions existed anymore for anything!

Confusion about accreditation – Bjorn to send out a clarifying email.

*Action Bjoern*

There are no Physics deadlines past week 11, however there are for Informatics courses – it is encouraged for deadlines to in or before week 11, however Neil is not sure that there is a rule regarding this. Jade to look into this. Regardless, due to the nature of this term, deadlines are more flexible.

*Action Jade*

There is some concern that UG2 is not engaged in surveys or feedback for this meeting – any advice? Some suggestions included Discord being more active than Facebook group chats, Google forms for feedback without the need to be in a group, and meetings including more students to provide a space for them to speak for motions and vote on them. There were questions of formality and whether this would make speaking less inviting. General thoughts are that we need a space for students to give their opinion.


Databases – organisation is good and the students are pleased that the tests were changed to accommodate all and appreciate the work put in to achieve this.

ADS – lack of interaction. The lecturer is not replying to emails or Piazza messages, the lectures aren’t live, and the tutorials were introduced later in the term, as the tutorials are the only direct form of interaction, students would like these to continue for as long as possible.

ACTION NH to contact CO to see if any additional sessions possible.


IRR lecture did not show up today, ITO now know of the issue and will find out more information. LECTURE REARRANGED

There is a lack of dedicated teaching staff – there are concerns that staff are hired only for research rather than their teaching abilities and therefore they are not enthusiastic or engaging when lecturing, some lecturers do not teach well.

Some feedback was not available for MLP from last year nor was all feedback available on Path – could all student feedback be available in Path for when students are picking courses?

Reduced study spaces in Appleton Tower and card access issues – students are still struggling to get into the building and with bookings as no same day bookings, this will be looked into more in term 2.

IAML there was cw2 complaints; instructors are unhelpful. Multiple students expressed confusion over cw2 but instructors would not clarify or help with issues raised. Students felt they were dismissive or rude and that staff are not willing to provide help and support. Students therefore feel alone as they have no advice, help or support. It feels as though the course is not a positive or engaging learning environment. There were similar complaints for CW1. Neil will speak to the course team about this complaint.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer)


End of teaching is next week, students are not obligated to attend next week but Neil will be here until 16th December. Students can post in the Teams chat or email Neil directly if unable to attend but have comments.


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