Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 2nd December 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Jade Gilhooly Deputy Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Adam Kirylczuk Computing Support, Alex Burford Learning Technologist, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1-CL had a test today and it wasn’t based on the last two tutorials, so they felt underprepared and there was enough practice time.

On Monday morning STACK went down the website said it is going under maintenance, and gave the students a one minute countdown, with no updates when it would back on, the students had done some quizzes, which they then had to re-do.

There has been an spam email sent out to the Chinese students offering an to do their work for them for payment.

*Action Neil*


INF2-IADS the students are really enjoying the course and the way Mary and John teach and their Q&A sessions.

For the engagement blog the students have to write a 1000 word essay to show they are engaged with the course, the students feel that there are completely engaged with the course and are doing well, the feel that this assessment is not beneficial to them.

INF2-FDS the students have a test next week Monday 7th December and this wasn’t announced to them it was only advertised in Learn, it states that there is only a ten minute window, the test will be released at 13:00 it will be available to start until 13:10  and will have to be completed within an hour, the students feel that they would rather have an hour window, not ten minutes.  The test is worth 10%.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*


No issues to report


No Reps in attendance


No Reps in attendance

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