Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th January 2021

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th January 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support, Alex Burford Learning Technologist, Perdita Stevens MSc Programme Director, Kendal Reid ITO


It was asked if the Rep meetings could be made more transparent as not a lot of students check the Blog, or could an email be sent out weekly reminding people that it is there and available?

It was suggested by Alex that Google Groups can be set up and an email could be sent out to who wants to subscribe to a mailing list re the blog, students cannot be enrolled if they don’t give permission.


The students reported that they were unhappy that the Calculus course in Maths had set coursework starting on Monday of week 0 and wanted to know why?

ILA course is was reported that the tutors were jumping between 3 groups that were being held at the same time!

Neil explained that this could be due to staff resources but he will talk to Maths.

*Action Neil to talk to Maths*

INF2-SEPP Learn page is very disorganised.


No issues to report.


It was asked if the deadline of the UG4 Project at the start of April could be moved forward by a month.  Neil explained that he has spoken with Teaching Committee about this, and it could be possible to move the deadline but also remove the presentation part of the course, which holds no credit, although some students may find doing the presentation to be helpful, they could opt in to to do for the sake of feedback.

*Action Neil and Bjoern*


It was reported that the course is overloaded with assessment, in previous years this was done with a partner but now it is to be done individually and the students feel the course is over assessed and could be problematic.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*


If you are a part time MSc student, when can you take IPP, this can be flexible but would need to be discussed with your PT, and flexability could come with a concession.

Course Registration and Change information, can be found here:

IRR CW1 was delayed in the marks being returned with minimal feedback, and CW2 came back after the Christmas vacation again with minimal feedback and the students feel that they are not learning anything from the feedback.  Alex Burford looked into the IRR submissions and there appears to be good feedback within the rubric, maybe students are not aware of this!

The instructor for the course was very slow to reply to posts on Piazza.

Project proposals students can propose their own project but if they see one that a Supervisor has proposed and they would rather do that, then they can add the project to the list of choices.


Is it possible to get some feedback from courses in the School of Maths and the Business School?

*Action Neil*

Study space in Appleton Tower will not be available until at least 1st March, if students feel that they need to have this resource then to contact Neil directly, this could change due to changing Government Guidelines.

The students feel that they are being overloaded with emails being sent out regarding Teaching Roles, even though they do not have Teaching Role, could a mailing address be set up to stop receiving emails that are not appropriate to some?  Thee reason the emails go to everyone is to gain interest in any positions that they may be interested in applying for.

If a student has any issues with their Personal Tutor they can always contact the Senior Personal Tutor, Neil or Bjoern, the Year Organiser and the Student Support Staff.

The Coursework Planner can found on the below link:

The Rep Meeting Blog can be found here:

Is there any course feedback available from last year, there was for Semester 1 but the University didn’t run a survey due to the COVID situation for Semester 2, the below link may be useful:

The list of Student Reps can be found here:

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