Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 20th January 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 20th January 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Carol Dow Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO

Update from last week’s meeting, the School of Maths and the Business School do not put any course feedback on-line.

Neil has spoken to the lecturer regarding the workload for IoTSSC originally the course was designed to be done in pairs and then it changed to being done individually, the lecturer has stated that the course has the correct amount of work for a 20 credit course, and the course was approved by the School in advance.

Neil has also spoken with the lecturer for INF2-SEPP regarding the Learn pages.


INF1-CG appears to be having audio issues in live lectures, timetabling and reading issues and some students feel that they are self-teaching.

There has been 6 lectures and only one was live, there is no Q&A sessions.

INF1A is students fail the course will there be a no detriment policy in place like last year, Bjoern explained that the School is trying to support any challenges students may have.

INF1B the lecturer is reported to have bad wi-fi connection, as the screen keeps freezing.  There is weekly lab exercises that are really well explained and the course is well taught, the Java content is interesting.


INF2-SEPP the students find the live Q & A sessions proactive.

The students would like the lectures to be available when they are scheduled to be, as they work around a schedule of the lectures to be available when they should be.  Some readings are not available in the resource list!

INF2FDS the students are really enjoying the course and the activity on Piazza.  The students have asked why there is so much lecture material to cover around 2.5 hours a week, and they wondered if it was too much for a 20 credit course.

*Action Bjoern to look at the BoS approval*

Fundamentals of Pure Maths have Q&A sessions which are very helpful and questions prepared in advance are very good, the students are also enjoying the live sessions for Calculus.  The coursework that was released in week 0, was to get the students up and running.  Students are not happy that the Maths week runs from a Thursday to a Thursday they receive the reading on a Thursday with the first tutorial being held on a Monday.

*Action Neil to talk to the DoT of Maths*


No issues there has been a smooth transition into Semester 2.  CS has very good scheduling.


OS on Path it says it states every week there are 2 live lectures, 2 for PA and 1 for IoTSSC (with the only exception being weeks 7 and 11 for OS)

It was reported that there have been no live lectures for OS, people asked on Piazza and the lecturer clarified that after week 3 there may be live lectures.

PA live sessions seem to only happen once a week on either Tuesday or Friday; the schedule on the Learn page is the only place that says when live sessions will actually take place.

IoTSSC has had no live sessions so far; someone asked on Piazza and the lecturer said he will advertise some live slots in advance and that there are no live slots planned for the first few weeks.

PA is reported to be the best because the lecturer makes it clear in at least one way when live sessions actually happen, but it is annoying that Path says there are sessions when there are not.

Is there an update about the project deadline being extended, Bjoern is still talking with the Project Organiser.  There has also not been any information regarding the week 2 and 3 group presentations.   If no one has not heard from their supervisors then they should contact Barbara Web.


IPP CW1 has not been released yet.  It was asked if this course could be considered as a Pass/Fail course rather than being graded, it is a University Regulation Rule that this course, hence it being a marked course.  The Instrutors on the course are not very active on the Piazza page.

MSc Projects have still to be announced, they are meant to be available by the end of the day, if they aren’t contact Neil.


 Publication date for the Non-Honours exam diet is the 15th February.  Students should only apply for an special circumstances if they feel they have been affected, and these should be applied for before the Board of Examiners meetings, students should not apply just because they have failed.  Progression decisions will be released  in August.

 Should Flexible Learning Week be classed as a holiday or should students be working?  Bjoern explained that the week has no scheduled teaching and the students can either have a break or use it to catch up with their work.

It is possible to set the exams for longer than 2 hours some students have reported that the 2 hours to do the exam and one the one hour format isn’t adequate for timezones, personal circumstances, etc.  Bjoern explained that if the exam was being take on campus then there would only be 2 hours to do it in, and we have to stick to this rule.

Neil asked the Reps if they could promote the EUSA Teaching Awards, as this is a good way to promote anyone who has done a particularly good job.

The coursework planner for Semester 2 is still not up to date.

Some timetables are wrong, some lectures are showing as pre-recorded and then they turn out to be live and can be missed.

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