Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 10th February 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 10th February 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Jade Gilhooly Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Kendal Reid ITO

Bjoern reminded the Reps to volunteer if possible for Teaching Hour tomorrow held by Judy Robertson, Thursday 11th February at 11am.


The Reps circulated a weekly survey and there was very few responses which we can take as everyone’s is happy and busy.

INF1B the survey task was delayed in being released from the Monday to the Thursday but Fiona the lecturer had already informed the class of this.


There was very few responses to this week’s survey that was circulated.

INF2-IADS they feel the coursework is a lot of work for something that is only worth 10%.

*Action Bjoern to talk to the lectures*

INF2-FDS the students would like more content on Data Science, Bjoern suggested to look at the course descriptor to see what is covered and the Learn pages for the course overview, if there is a mismatch then they can contact the Course Organiser.

It was asked how students could go about extending their knowledge on learning more on research?  Bjoern explained that there are more research opportunities between 3rd and 4th year and over the summer, which is paid and the studenst should look for any research opportunities that maybe advertised in courses or in emails.


At the start of the semester some course were not available for 4th year, this year due to the pandemic some courses were removed, next year the School will be running more courses, although the School prefers to have two or more lectures on each course to provide cover incase of any circumstances that may arise, and the School is planning on running more course on Machine Learning.

The DRPS page will go live on the 22nd April.


No Reps were in attendance.



Is it normal for a PhD student to assist in the Project Supervisor and Bjoern explained that it is, although if a student is only having contact with a PhD who is assisting and not the Supervisor then to let him know, as this shouldn’t happen.

*Action Bjoern*

It is reported that some supervisors are taking their time to reply to emails, Bjoern also explained that some project supervisors that have popular projects can become overloaded with emails, if there is no response to inform Bjoern.  Some supervisors hold a meeting that invites everyone to attend and ask questions, some students find this useful.



We have removed barriers from students accessing extra time to complete coursework assessments.

  • Students can apply for a 7-day extension to a deadline for coursework, which will be approved automatically (i.e. they do not need to demonstrate a valid reason);
  • Where an extension of less than 7 days is normally the maximum permitted, this will be approved automatically; some assessments (e.g. for weekly assessments) do not allow extensions;
  • Where students require an extension of longer than 7 days, they can apply through the Special Circumstances process;
  • Some Schools have already amended deadlines for coursework or dissertations, or offered blanket extensions to all students; we have encouraged all Schools to consider where they may be able to do this, while also ensuring students receive timely feedback on assessment.


It was asked if students could get exam feedback and it was explained that there is no feedback on the exam papers, it is just marks, the exam diet is to mark the end of the study and although feedback is given in the courses throughout the year this does not happen with exams, as the students should by the end show that they have learned the relevant course and the final is the exam.

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