Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 17th February 2020

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 17th February 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Alex Burford Learning Technologist, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Mitchell Hunter Computing Support Officer, Jade Gilhooly Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1-CG the students feel the quantity of the course material is too much, could the reading be more condensed to relevant pages and chapters, not the entire book!

INF1B the students feel the coursework is taking much longer to complete, it states that the coursework shouldn’t take any longer than 10 hours but some students are finding they are spending a lot longer to complete it and some areas of the assignment is new and they don’t have previous knowledge from the past few weeks.  Coursework one was marked although it was only for feedback purposes.

Not to mix two new concepts together in the first assignment. For many students who are new to Java, understanding how to complete the assignment using a software design pattern ( MVC ) they have no experience with can be twice as challenging.

In former years, assignment 1 used to be optional, another suggestion was to still keep it as optional (doesn’t count towards the final grade) but provide feedback for the ones who submit it so that everyone is up to speed with the course expectations, this may be particularly useful for beginners.

Could the tutorials be cut to just one hour, they find the hour and half in the tutorials are not productive.

The Piazza posts are being answered but are mainly student endorsed answers and not from an official source, could more questions be answered?

In general the course is running at a good pace, the slides and example slides and the text book is good for learning.

The email from the UG1 Rep Yuto to the class on Monday made everyone smile.

The Proofs and Problem Solving course is not following the University 7 day extension policy, could this be raised?

*Action Neil*

Engineering Design course is reported to be disorganised and any discussions are not replied to.

Calculus and Applications is well organised but the students would like to see more Stack books.


No issues to report this week.


No issues to report this week

CS the coursework was released early which was appreciated by the students.


Exam scripts the students have been told that the exam scripts do not contain feedback only a mark, a breakdown of the marks can be viewed.  Bjoern explained that even if an exam script was written like previous years they still would not contain feedback, the only thing that can be addressed is it the student feels a question has not been marked, the exam is the final assessment at the end of each course.

NLU is to work in a team and sometimes this doesn’t work, maybe for next year it could be helpful if this could be done individually and be supported on a non-DICE machine.

ML is great for learning but they felt the grading was harsh.

NAT the grades received were lower than expected.

MLP could project timelines be announced by the tutors, and could they be informed of what is expected weekly?

ADS there has been no tutorials lately.

THF is really well taught, could it be more catered around visualisations next year?  Neil suggested to bring this up at the next UG4 SSLC Meeting at the end of Semester 2.

Some students have reported to have a cluster of deadlines, the School does try and avoid this but sometimes it can’t be helped.


IMC course material is excellent.

ST lectures and tutorials are going great.

MLP tutors are really helpful.

NLU ethics lectures are very interesting and it is a fun class.

BDL course is good and the marks and feedback are returned in advance.

COMN 100% coursework is good and is released early.

PA gave good marks and feedback and was returned earlier than expected for a 5 page essay.


The Project selection was to be announced on Monday, Bjoern explained that there are in the final stages of checking and an email will go out to the Supervisors very soon.

IVC the feedback was due last Friday, and announced it would be one week later, would this be an estimation date?  Bjoern explained that sometimes dates can be altered due to the size of the class and the number of markers.

IRR some students have received their feedback and some haven’t, this can be common if there are various markers.


There will be a launch of the new Extensions and Special Circumstances system on Tuesday 23rd February, the School hasn’t seen this yet until it goes live but it could prove to have some challenges.







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