Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 24th February 2020


Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 24th February 2020

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Alex Burford Learning Technologist, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Jade Gilhooly Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Kendal Reid ITO

Update from last week, Neil requested a lab session for IoTSSC was given and it did.

Neil has requested to Maths that more Stack book are required in Calculus.


The students are happy and the course material is released early which is good.  Communication is also very good and there is lots of help in the labs, tutorials, Piazza and the Q&A sessions.  It was reported that one student felt that their tutor was not engaging, Neil said that if there are any issues the students can let him know.  They do feel that the course content has reduced since Semester one, and the assignment was quite difficult.  Perdita’s lecture videos are very good.


INF2-FDS the students have received their coursework marks back but there is some unhappiness with the grading.  The students are feeling that they are on course of receiving a good grade and then they can make one error which drops their grades down.  There are different components that are worth different percentages, which could be the problem.  The CO is aware of the student’s concerns.  The lectures are off good quality, good notes and good content.

INF2-SEPP the coursework has been returned and the students feel the feedback given was very vague and confusing.  The lab session that was held was found to be very useful.  The lecturer is found to be very good at responding to Piazza and email, but they feel that there is too many emails being sent out.  The coursework is to wordy and could it be written in a more easier way?

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

INF2-IADS there is inconsistency of when the lectures are released i.e. the students got an email to say the lecture notes would be released this morning, followed up by another email saying it would now be tonight.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

Would it be possible to advertise the link to the Blog more, it was suggested by the UG1 Rep that what they do is they send out an email to their year group and add the minutes of the Blog into the email, so the students can see what is discussed in the email.

The coursework load is still an issue they students have one deadline a week for the next 6 weeks and the students feel that they are constantly working to deadlines and not being able to digest what they are learning and things are taking 2 or 3 times longer than they should.  Bjoern explained that if the students are struggling to make the use of Special Circumstances and Extensions process.


No issues to report.


No issues to report.


IoTSSC the lab session was held and it was appreciated by the students and the feedback was good from those who attended, although it was very close to the coursework deadline.


On a Thursday starting from tomorrow Thursday 25th February Bjoern and the Head of School Jane Hillston will be holding a open office hour at 5pm which students are invited to attend, this will be to discuss any issues directly with the Head of School who is also a Deputy Vice Principal in the University, and they will talk about things like their careers and how they got to where they are today and any other general stuff the students would like to ask.

Graduation Neil has invited the students to put forward any ideas that they may have now that the in-person Graduations are cancelled for this year, what would the students suggest they could do instead?

The new Extensions web site has been launched and under the new system PT’s can now access the students information as before they couldn’t, and Neil wasn’t sure of the students knew about this?  There is also no option to opt out of the PT’s to see the information.  If any students are concerned about their information being made available to let the Student Support Officer’s know.  The email sent out by the ESC team was not made clear.  One student reported that he had completed the ESC form and he felt it was good, although when an application is submitted there is no notification that it has been received or completed, you have to log back in and see what the outcome was.  Sophie explained that if you start to make an application it only stays open for 2 weeks and then it automatically have to start again.

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