Staff Student Rep Meeting – March 10, 2021

Student Staff Rep Meeting – 10/03/2021

Present: Bjoern Franke (Director of Teaching), Neil Heatley (Head of Student Services), Sophie Mills (Student Support Officer), Laura Ambrose (ITO), Alex Burford (Learning Technologist), Karen Davidson (Student Support Officer). 


  • IRR marks are still not available to the whole class and everyone receives marks at different times. Bjoern has emailed the CO about this and has received the following feedback from Stuart: IRR marks which have been released are unmoderated (and subject to change). All the marks should be out by tomorrow.
  • IPP CW1 marks are also inconsistent – some students received marks yesterday, some students still have no marks. 
  • IPP has also had issues with supervisors being unfamiliar with the process. Bjoern has emailed the COs to send out a clarification email to supervisors. Bjoern has also suggested that “any students who can’t make contact with their supervisor, or where supervisors’ advice is contrary to what’s been said in the course, to get in touch with the course organisers, i.e., Stuart and Aurora! Two emails have been sent out to staff, and it appears not everyone has read the emails.” 
  • There have been issues with the delays in Student Counselling. A student reported having registered in the 2nd week of January and being given a 7 week wait. After 7 weeks, the student received no update and had to reach out to the Counselling team themselves and was given a further wait time. The student does not feel supported. Neil asked whether the student had had their screening appointment, but the rep was unable to confirm, and Neil asked whether the student would contact him privately to discuss. Sophie, from the SST, also provided some links for The Listening Service (a support service from the Chaplaincy) and self-help tools. The reps commented that some of the recommended self-help applications come with a cost and asked whether this was something the university could help pay for. Neil will look into this. 


  • ADBS coursework is so vague with zero preparation or support (e.g., labs or exercises).
  • ADBS quiz component is artificially capped at 75/100 meaning it is not even theoretically possible to achieve full marks from coursework component.
  • One Rep commented that: “I’m extremely tired of having 0 contact hours this semester. None of my courses provides any live lectures or live tutorials. Only recordings from last year. This semester has been extremely de-motivating.”
  • COMN has a lot of content to cover for the quizzes. They also haven’t released CW1 marks yet.
  • Ajitha (software engineering) has improved her pacing and is good at explaining.
  • ST is really great, useful lectures and tutorials. Replies to Piazza are fast.


  • Generally positive comments about courses – further detail and information to be provided next week from InfPals data. 


  • Students are struggling with the coursework/course load. Extensions are not helping much as there is still too much work. Students report falling behind with lectures and tutorials. 
  • The students are happy that the UG2 exams are spread out on the timetable. 
  • Students are not aware of how Special Circumstances work and would like some more explanation in simpler terms. Sophie commented that the SST were thinking about providing a session on Special Circumstances and the new system. The Reps agreed this would be useful. 
  • Online year abroad possibilities were also discussed – students were advised to speak to Hiroshi Shimodaira who is the Coordinator of Internships & Exchanges for the school. 


  • There is an issue with INF1B – CW1 marks have still not been returned to students. CW2 has now been completed without any feedback from CW1. CW1 is two weeks late and the CO has shared with the class that she is having trouble with P-Mark which is the cause of the delay. The Reps suggested a review of the P-Mark software as marks have been postponed twice. Students are due to begin work on CW3, the last piece of CW, without any feedback from CW1 or CW2. 
  • Alex Burford commented that she was not aware of the issue with P-Mark and that the delay in marks was also caused by the 200+ extensions that were granted. Alex will reach out to Fiona regarding P-Mark. 
  • Resources for societies were also discussed – there was interested in is free for up to 25 persons at one time but comes with a fee for larger capacities. Using for smaller societies was suggested and Neil commented that he was happy to look into it and consider investing. 
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