Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 17th March 2021


Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 17th March 2021

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Gordon Reid Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1B CW 3 has not yet been released and it is worth 40% of part of the course, it should have been released a week ago and the deadline is at the end of the semester, the lecturer has contacted the students and a 2 week blanket extension has been given which is appreciated.  The coursework is expected to be released today.

CW1 the feedback was very vague and general but some students got more feedback than other due to their tutors also being markers.  Bjoern explained that that this can be the case and some tutors and markers are volunteering PhD students, this can be taken to the lecturer to raise awareness for next year.

INF1-OP it was asked if sample solutions could be given as some students are beginners and are unsure how to approach the coursework or could they be discussed in tutorials, as the students feel that they are not learning much apart from their own work.

*Action Bjoern/Neil to talk to the lecturer*

INF1-CG there are 2 coursework’s both worth 50% each the last coursework was released this week but there is only one lab to support this, the first coursework had 3 or 4 labs, although they are not hugely attended, more would be good.  Bjoern asked the Reps to ask the year group, if more labs were made available would they attend?


INF2-SEPP CW2 feedback was returned and similar to CW1 the feedback was very vague and confusing and the students don’t know where they are going wrong.  The feedback for CW2 was 4 days late and CW3 was 2 days late in being released, although an extension has been given for this.

You can receive feedback in the labs which is useful whilst talking to the demonstrators, the students also feel that the coursework is overlapping one another, although they do feel that the lectures are good for testing your knowledge.

INF2-IADS the students are really enjoying the course and the enthusiasm of the lecturers.

INF2D the lectures are very good.


CS is very interesting but there was a delay in the coursework being released an no announcement was made and some lectures are not being uploaded until the day after.

COMN moves really quickly, not giving enough time to work on other things.

OS coursework there is not enough lecturer interaction, and especially with the memory management coursework, although the Piazza page is helpful and active.

Honours Project the students only have eleven days to go over all the projects, could this be extended by a week?  The School of Physics don’t release their project selection until August, and some students feel they pick an Informatics one in March, like Maths and then they could potentially see another project they would like to do.  Could it be made clear how many projects a student can select, although 5 is generally the option.

*Action Neil and Bjoern*

SDP some students have complained that they find it difficult to work on different systems.


ST is very good and is helpful to learn material.

ADBS could the coursework and lectures be released earlier?

NLU lab sessions could the coursework be covered at the moment instead of being based on the exam?


No issues to report.




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