Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 3rd March 2021

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Carol Dow Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


It was asked if the information on applying for extensions and special circumstances could be made optional to not allow the students PT to see the information.  Neil explained that there is a lot going on in the back ground re the launch of the new system, and things are being looked into.

INF1-CG some tutors are taking too long to reply, Bjoern explained that allowing up to 24 hours to respond is reasonable, unless there is a deadline approaching, then they should reply sooner.

Quizzes for INF1B and Proofs and Problem Solving are over worded and the students are having to ask the Course Organiser for help.


There are lots of deadlines coming up and the students are finding it difficult to keep up!  Bjoern explained if the students are feeling overwhelmed then to make the use of the extensions, but to do it wisely so it doesn’t cause students to feel more overwhelmed by pushing their deadlines further back.  Students can also contact the Student Support Team, the criteria for apply for extensions and special circumstances can be found here:

INF2-IADS the students are enjoying the course.

INF2-FDS the students are enjoying the project they have been tasked with and they feel it is a nice ending to the course.  There was not enough feedback given from the last coursework there was lot of time spent on it, the lecturer has sent out an email to the class and will follow it up with another one about trying to set up a class meeting.

INF2-SEPP the self-assessment task, although they have to look back on what they have done so far, the students are not seeing why this is useful!

 INF2D the students would like more labs on Haskell, currently there is only one a week, the coursework is Haskell based and some students haven’t done this since Semester one in 1st year.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*


No Reps were in attendance.


TTDS it is reported that there is no contact hours, and no support beyond Piazza.

COMN  there is 6 by-weekly exercises and coursework due, coursework 2 is taking a long time and there is a lot of contact hours and could the course be made more condensed and concise.  Neil suggested to bring this to the Staff Student Liaison Meeting.

 ST the lectures are running over time and the examples are too long.

It was reported that some tutors don’t use the camera function and don’t explain why and some lecturers do not pay any attention to the raised hands function.

CiC the lecturer is very good.

CCN both lecturers are very good the course is very interesting and enjoyable.

NLU the ethics lectures are very good.

ST the lecturer is very helpful and good.

THF the pre-recorded lectures and live lectures are good, also the given a choice of lecture topics to watch is also good.

Neil mentioned that if anyone thinks someone is doing an exceptional job then to put their name forward in the EUSA Teaching Awards.

PDIoT is a Semester 1 course with a deadline in Semester 2, Bjoern explained that sometimes this can happen to relieve pressure of deadlines and exams before the Christmas break.


AGTA the students felt the feedback was vague and the coursework was challenging for a 10 credit course.

IRR the coursework was due back to the students on the 5th January, and then it was moved to the 12th and some students received their marks, then it was moved again to the 26th and again some students got marks back and some didn’t and some students who had extensions also got their marks back before the others.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

How long should a Dissertation Supervisor to respond?  Bjoern says this could take up to a week but anything longer than that then the students should let Bjoern and Neil know.  Neil will send out a reminder email to the Supervisors to respond to their students.

*Action Neil*

A student reported that they had applied for an extension but hadn’t completed the form properly, so it wasn’t granted, could an email be sent out after completion to say ESC have received it?


 Is there any way to find out if Academics are looking for help in research over the Summer?  Currently there is no central resources and most academics hire PhD and MSc students.

The Induction Team are not allowing current students to join the Facebook Groups, Neil explained that this is an Admissions thing, although we have our own groups to talk to our students they would like to be able to talk to students that are starting this year.  The applicant deadline is the 31st March and offers will go out in April.

Informatics branded merchandise should be available soon the web page is being put together by the Finance Team, once it is live Neil will send out an email, but any orders will be for collection in either Appleton Tower or the Informatics Forum, there will be not posting made available.  Neil suggested maybe waiting until the new term, where hopefully most students will be back on Campus.

Neil is looking into arranging a networking event within the School.

*Action Neil*

Weekly on a Thursday Bjoern and the Head of School Jane Hillston will be holding a open office hour at 5pm which students are invited to attend, this will be to discuss any issues directly with the Head of School who is also a Deputy Vice Principal in the University.


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