Student Staff Rep Meeting – 24/03/2021

Present: Neil Heatley (Head of Student Services), Sophie Mills (Student Support Officer), Laura Ambrose (ITO), Alex Burford (Learning Technologist), Lisa Branney (Student Support Officer).


  • INF1B CW3 has now been released, but, due to the delay, the submission date is now in the Easter holidays. In future, students want to know the dates in advance for coursework release and due dates and for these dates to be fixed.  
  • INF1B Labs and Tutorials can be intimidating during partner work if your partner is more advanced that you. Some students want to be placed with a partner that is at a similar skill level as themselves. This was addressed by Fiona as the beginning of the semester, but students now are feeling concerned about the difference in skill level.
  • The exam timetable was discussed – some students believe time differences are not adequately accommodated. 
  • There has been positive feedback about Fiona McNeill. Students say that she listens to the students and cares about their mental health. 
  • InfPals had an amazing session on interview prep that many found extremely helpful.
  • Calculus lectures are not interactive enough and are not constant or cohesive in style. Students want more cohesion. 
  • Students are happy the INF1B CW1 was regraded and want the same relaxing of boundaries for CW2 and CW3.


  • Students are pleased that Mary Cryan reached out to students that were not engaging and offered help and suggestions to these students.


  • No comments.


  • Students are displeased with the email that went out mistakenly recently and want to ensure that it will not happen again. Reps were pleased to hear that the student whose information was involved was spoken to privately by staff after the incident. 


  • Following up on the email incident, anonymous marking was discussed. Neil commented that this instance was being looked into by Björn.
  • This semester is going more smoothly than the previous semester. 
  • The IPP deadline being pushed back was received very positively. 
  • Appleton Tower access was discussed – Neil commented that they are awaiting further updates from the Scottish government. 
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