Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 28th October 2021

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 28th October 2021

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Adam Kirylczuk Computing Support Officer, Iain Murray MSc Programme Director (AI), Kendal Reid ITO

No Reps in attendance

DMP the students feel there is too much reading involved with the course, the lecture notes are missing content and the online videos are missing material, they also feel that the course is more like a 40 credit course, rather than a 20 credit course. Bjoern has raised this with the lecturer but hasn’t been able to talk with them *Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

FDS it is reported that the course material is disorganised, there are too many methods that the students feel that is irrelevant and they feel they would benefit from more content and would like essential reading chapters to be made available. Bjoern suggested the students should take this to the course organiser or ask on Piazza for a more curative reading list that is relevant to the course material.
There is a reading list available here:

INF2C-CS the students would like more hands on teaching when it comes to MIPS and C Programming, there is currently 3 labs for MIPS but the students feel that this is not enough to enable them to work well on the coursework. The course is really well taught and lecturer has very good engagement.

INF2-IADS is well taught and well organised, the students particularly like John Longley’s piano playing in the lectures.

Overall there are a lot of deadlines coming up over the next week and it can be overwhelming.

IVR it is reported that students are finding the lab sessions hard to follow there is no fluency and structure and the tutorials are not connecting with the coursework. *Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

PI some students are struggling with the essay writing part of the course, Bjoern explained that they are aware that some Informatics students may struggle with this, but learning how to write an essay is a very good skill to have and to have the peer feedback is very beneficial to students as it allows students to read other students work and be able to give good feedback or criticize if required.

The students have been talking to Neil Heatley Head of Student Services about the limited access to AT, they would like it be set back to 24 hours.

CAR the coursework is required to hook your laptop up to a monitor In AT level 3, but due to the limited access it is proving difficult for students who have limited resources at home. The coursework involves hardware which means you have to set up a board and connect it to a monitor to run or use a cable at home.
*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

MLP there was various mistakes in the coursework specification and this wasn’t fixed until after the students had started the coursework causing a lot of frustration.

TTDS some of the international students are finding the Q and A sessions and the lectures hard to follow due to the lecturer talking to fast, would it be possible to have the pre-recorded lectures subtitled? MLPR uses subtitles.

MLPR when it comes to the 4pm – 5pm tutorials the tutor is running over the time slot therefore making the students late if they have a class from 5pm – 6pm. Iain asked the Reps to let him know who the tutor is?

If a students is looking for a PhD referral with no help from their PT, they can contact the Year Organiser.

MLP the Reps feel that running a quiz at the start of the course to assess what level the students are at to enable the coursework to be framed around the student various levels. The Pre-requisites states it is recommended that students have taken a previous course in Machine Learning or a course with a significant machine learning content.

It was asked about the mailing lists, and why they are moderated, these are moderated by the ITO, this is to stop Spam.

There is a WhatsApp Chat link that the MSc Reps have and it may be useful for the UG4/5 Reps to join.

NAT students have missed tutorials with the moving of the location due to ventilation, and not being advised of the new location, one room where a tutorial was held it was like a waiting area and the students were trying to balance their laptops on their knees and the couldn’t see the whiteboard for the reflection from the windows. Is it possible to have at least one on-line tutorial?
*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*

The students feel that there is too many emails regarding Teaching Support and can this be looked at, Bjoern commented that at the moment, a lot of people are still being appointed and until they all are and are in a specific mailing list then unfortunately the emails go to everyone.

Bjoern mentioned the School is looking for interest in a new course – Advanced Networked Systems and asked the Reps if they could answer a short survey to see what the interest would be.

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