Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 3rd November 2021

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Adam Kirylczuk Computing Support Officer, Iain Murray MSc Programme Director (AI), Alex Burford Learning Technologist, Kendal Reid ITO

No Reps in attendance

Some students have still not received their contracts and are working and haven’t been paid since September, the School is aware of the situation and this is a University wide issue since moving to the new system of the People and the Money, there has been several teething issues which is causing a delay, they are working to try and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

The students are feeling the pressure of having lots of coursework and small assessments and weekly quizzes, extensions can be requested but as extensions are 7 days long, the smaller assessments release their solutions 4 or 5 days after the deadline and an extension would be pointless. Neil suggested to bring this up at the end of Semester Staff Student Liaison Meeting where the students can explain to the lecturers, and maybe have this looked at 2021/22.

It was asked why the mailing lists are moderated, the reason is to protect people from receiving unwanted emails, the ITO do the moderation for this, and approve what they think it relevant, there has been a delay in moderating some emails recently due to the ITO being short staffed, if students feel that there is something urgent that they are waiting to be approved Neil suggested sending the ITO a message and let them know you are waiting for an email to be approved so they can check it.

INF2-IADS and INF2-CS is reported to be very well ran with great support.

There are lots of issues with the IDB course the Rep will follow this up in an email to Neil.

PI the students are showing concern regarding the essay that they have to do and it is reviewed by a Peer, they are concerned about the quality of the feedback they may receive.

IVR there are concerns that the students projects are public on Github and could be accused of Academic Misconduct. *Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

Maths – Fundamentals of Operational Research is reported to be a very good course, very active, active on Piazza and good course material.

It was reported that the Wi-Fi in student accommodation is poor, it keeps dropping out and even if you are on the wired connection it is the same, it is causing issues with students trying to complete their work, and when they report it, they don’t receive a reply. Neil suggested to raise this as a complaint and that way they are obliged to reply, or send it to Neil and he can follow it up.

FV CW2 is due on Monday 8th November part of the coursework requires Theron solving if the students are using the DICE machines, they have to install it themselves, is it possible for this to be installed on the DICE machines.

There was issues with the time programming task, and it was asked if this was checked by the Course Organiser before it was released? the students had to ask the CO if it was correct, as they had to reduce inputs due to time constraints.
*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

EXC CW1 on the day of the deadline there was an on-line live lecture and some students were concerned that they didn’t have enough programming background to do CW1. There is no labs or tutorials for this course and the students feel they would be beneficial or some practical experience.

Is there funding available for students who would like to attend conferences etc.? Yes the link is below:

It was asked for the list of the mailing lists, VPN is required off Campus:

Design Informatics students were asking if there was somewhere at the weekend they could use to collaborate?
*Action Neil to talk to Maria Wolters*

CG the course is 100% coursework there will be 3 coursework submissions, one associated with each part of the course, and all three will be marked. The final mark will be composed of the mark from coursework 1, plus the higher of coursework 2 or coursework 3. CW2 was not covered in the lectures and the students are finding the course very difficult.

Neil is still trying to find a location which is big enough for the Rep Meetings to be held in person, he is hoping to have something in place within the next 2 weeks, and get the timetable arranged for the Rep meetings to be held in person from the start of Semester 2.

AT is reported to be cold, Neil is aware that Level 9 is cold and this issue has been taken to Estates, could he get more information on the specific locations in AT that are reported to be cold? Neil is aware that the windows have to be kept open for ventilation purposes due to COVID and the heating may be on, it could be as the windows have to be open, this could be the reason.

It was asked if an email could be sent out explaining the reasoning of limited study space access and why isn’t it not 24/7. Neil explained that due to COVID the hours were decreased and it will stay that way until further notice, he also explained that study space timings could be reduced even further due to people not following the rules i.e. not wearing face masks when they are supposed to and not leaving the building when it is closing. It was reported to Neil by Security that some students were on Level 9 after closing time and were not wearing face masks, access to level 9 is authorised once you have signed an agreement to follow the rules, and these are not being done. AT is not staffed after hours and it is the students responsibility to leave the building when it closes.

Neil also mentioned that the QR codes that are set up on each desks are not being used as they should be.

AT will close for the 2 week period over Christmas and New Year from 5pm Thursday 23rd December and reopen at 9am on Wednesday 5th January.

The hot water tank on Level 6 and Level 9 are not working, this has been reported to Estates.

It was asked about a microwave and the answer is no, due to issues like cleaning, setting of the fire alarm out of hours and health and safety.

Bjoern will be hosting a talk tomorrow Thursday 4th November – Managing Workload and Assessment as an Informatics Student

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