Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd February 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd February 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Michelle Bain ITO, Lindsay Seal ITO, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1B the questions in coursework 1 were not explained, there was big paragraphs in it and the students would have preferred for this to be broken down to stages easier to read, better examples would have been helpful and the terminology explained., for example what is an Interface, Bjoern explained that Interface means the concept of a programming language.

The instructions in the labs were unclear there was no steps and unclear on how to use the instructions in the exercise.

The Q & A sessions were very helpful.

Neil mentioned that the class might find INFPals and Inf Connect useful.


The courses are reported to be interesting.


SEPP the coursework is set to work in pairs, the pairs were allocated randomly this year to enable students to work together and get to know their fellow students, previous years students picked their partners, some students are experiencing difficulties with their partners not contributing and they feel they are receiving no support.  The lectures will also remain recorded, and will remain as such until the end of semester 2.

*Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*

INF1B/INF1-CG the labs are on a Tuesday 4pm – 6pm and a Friday 2pm – 4pm could they merged into the same lab? INF1B is on level 5 and INF-CG on Level 6!

*Action Neil*


No Reps in attendance


The School of Maths have extended their Dissertation deadline due to the strikes, does Informatics plan to do the same?

*Action Neil*

CT has moved their final deadline to the day after the Project deadline and increased the weighting, as one coursework was missed due the strike, the students are concerned about the deadline being moved.

*Action Neil*

There was a  Dissertation Open day in GatherTime (virtual) last year which had positive responses which allowed students to interact with one another, is there plans for another one?


IPP it is reported that some tutors are not following the slides on Learn and not sharing them with the students and there is no discussions on the reading.

*Action Neil*

SPT is a semester 1 course the course had an exam in December, but it is presented to the June MSc Board of Examiners Meeting, therefore the exam/course result will not be ratified and published until June 2022. It was agreed by DDT that the course will be allocated to the June Board, there was also coursework in Semester 2 scheduled after the January MSc Board of Examiners meeting.

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