Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 26th January 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 26th January 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

No Reps in attendance.

IADS the course is very ran and the Q&A sessions are also good.

SEPP the lectures are pre-recorded and released on a Monday, could these be staggered to be released through the week? The students also feel the workload and reading is a lot.
*Action Neil*

FDS the labs are held in Room 6.06 AT but as the labs are going on there are still students coming and going, Neil said the other students can use the labs at the same time but the should remain invisible.
*Action Neil*

SDP the students are receiving information via different channels, the would like it to be more consistent, so they don’t have to keep checking various ways. They also feel the course is time consuming for a 20 credit course and they feel the course organiser is not acknowledging that the students have other courses to concentrate on, the workshop are good though.

FNLP the lecturer is very good and has lots of energy.

CS the lectures are online but the student would like an option for on-line or on campus, also they lectures could be narrowed down from two hours to one hour. Bjoern explained that the original lecturer for this course is currently out of office and is being covered by another lecturer at the last minute, this was the only way to enable the course to run.

ADS there is no Piazza page or any other discussion forum and very small course content on the Learn page.

COMN the course is reported to be disorganised, with no help and no drop in labs.
*Action Neil*

ITCS and NLU both have coursework released and the deadline on the same day.
*Action Neil*

CT the course has a deadline in Flexible Learning week, Neil said that also deadlines are not recommended in that week there is no hard or fast rule for this. The students mentioned about there being no extensions, the Learn page states:

In this course we will continuously assess your progress through four coursework’s and we will publish the solutions to these coursework’s immediately after the coursework is due. Hence, for this course extensions are not permitted and Extra Time Adjustments (ETA) for extensions are not permitted.   If assessed coursework is submitted late, it will be recorded as late and a mark of zero will be given. For electronic submissions, the last version that has been submitted by the deadline will be the one that is marked (late submission will only be accepted if no submission in time has been made).

HC1 the lecture recordings are the same as last year.

CW3 the students feel that this was harshly marked and the average was 63% . The DoT explained that this was good average, as the School is operating according to the Extended Common Marking Scheme, where a mark of 70% represents an “A”.

THF the Hybrid lecture on a Tuesday the lecturer is asking them to log into Zoom during the lecture which is awkward and the lecture keeps pausing.

MSc Cyber Security has a relatively small choice of course options due to the specialised nature of the programme. We will nonetheless review this programme for the next session.


More people than they should are going into the lifts, there currently is a limit of 4 people, but more are squeezing in.

The QR codes are still not being used in AT, this information is monitored from outside the School and if no one checks in then it look like the building is empty, if Estates think the building is empty then it could be use or loose the building out with working hours.

Teaching Support are still working on making payments to Teaching Support staff for Semester one.

Another request was made for a microwave to be made available but the answer is no, the lack of cleaning and a it is a potential fire hazard, there is on level 9 but that is attached to a extraction fan.

Can an email be sent out about the two exams that will be held on campus for OS and PMR, although the examination for May has not been released, the School cannot guarantee when these will be for travels purposes, the timetable should be out in March, the diet is set by Examinations and not the School.

Graduation we have a time scale for this but not an exact date as of yet.

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