Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 2nd February 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Lindsay Seal ITO, Kendal Reid ITO


No Reps in attendance.


IADS it would have been nice to have been given a dry run of algorithms at the start of the lectures.

SEPP  there is a lot of essential reading, but the students feel due to the amount of reading required it would be good if certain points that are “essential” could be pointed out.  Bjoern explained that the course has a broad field of software engineering and if the reading says essential then it is!


CT deadline in Flexible Learning Week cannot be moved, if it is moved it is going to clash with another deadline.  There are no extensions allowed for this course as the solutions to the coursework’s are released immediately after the coursework is due.

Courses that do not have extensions and ETA granted this information can be found on the Learn pages under the Assessment tab.

Information on Extensions can be found here:

ADS the link to the Piazza page isn’t working and the link to the course content.

*Action Neil*

It was asked if more support for tutorials could be made for students who are in isolation, NLP held an tutorial but also launched it onto Teams at the same time.  Bjoern explained that last minute information on isolation could be problematic and some locations may not have equipment to record the tutorial or go live.

OS the lecturer is very enthusiastic.

CS the lectures have audio issues and they are hard to understand.


Can the minutes for the UG4 SSLC minutes be made available?

*Action ITO*

SP can the labs be set up and tested beforehand, the first lab you had to download virtual machine on to the DICE machines which is 10 GB and there was no space on DICE, there was no solutions made available to support doing this and some students were struggling to get this done in the time frame .  There is only one lab every two weeks and they work along side of the lectures.  There is no audio on the live stream of the lectures.

*Action Computing Support*

ADS and HCI the response on the Piazza pages are very good and very fast.

ITCS the lectures are in the Bayes Centre and there is no recording equipment or overhead cameras.

ADBS the lecture audio has now been fixed.


ADS lecture on Friday morning at 9am, the students couldn’t get in as the doors were locked.

*Action Neil*

NLU+ could this course be supported on DICE.

*Action Computing Support*

CCN the live stream could not be launched.

Could course averages be given for semester one, Neil said they could but not rankings.

*Action Neil*

MSc in Computer Science will have a new Programme Director who will be looking into making changes in 2022/2023.


Rebecca Clacy-Jones from Careers attended the meeting to ask the Reps what kind of communication would they like with regards to communications regarding upcoming events, job interview skills, CV writing, Industry supported talks etc. and invited the students to contact her with any ideas they would have.  The Careers will be holding an online drop in service on a Wednesday.

The middle life in AT is not working and hasn’t been for a file, the reason being is that maintenance are still waiting on a part.

MSc students will gain access to Level 9 in May until August, this will be when the UG4 students are finished.

AT will not allow microwaves due to fire hazards but there are microwaves available for use in Teviot.

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