Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 16th March 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 16th March 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support Officer, Toni Noble Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Michelle Bain ITO, Lindsey Seal ITO, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1B the TA for the course is very good, very helpful and responsive.  The Q & A sessions are not very well attended but this could be due to a timetabling issue.


IADS the students said that the tutorials and solutions are clear, which is good.

The general UG2 feeling is that the coursework is quite heavy.


It was requested that the deadline for the Honours Project could be extended, Neil suggested the 25th March and will take this back to the Course Organiser.

*Action Neil*

ADS a Piazza page has now been set up.

CT initially had 4 coursework’s and coursework 4 was removed due to the Strike action and the weighing was changed, coursework one was worth 20% and it is now worth 30%, the students feel that they should have had an option to do either coursework 3 or coursework 4.  Bjoern explained that the BoE will look at impact of coursework 4 being removed.


AV the lecturer has extended the coursework deadline by 2 weeks to the 31st March, due the errors that was in the coursework.


The students are concerned that there will be a delay in receiving their marks back in time to apply for a PhD, Bjoern explained that if this impacts anyone then to let him now and he can write a letter explaining the issues revolving around the strike action and possible marking boycott.


COVID restrictions are still place until the end of Teaching in Semester 2, then after that it will be reviewed.

The DICE machines on Level 3 that are in flip desks have been taped off as the flip desks are broken and there will be new desks put in their place.

Students would like more power points installed so they can plug in their laptops.

AT will remain with the current opening hours and will not be 24 hours, as the building would need to be staffed.

The standing desk on level 4, the plug don’t work.

Strike action is scheduled for the 20th – 25th March and a marking boycott is being talked about, but the School does not have further information on this as yet!

Further information can be found here:

Previously there was an Opportunity Fund which students could apply to for extra funding for loss of Teaching to use against teaching materials such as books etc.

Bjoern will circulate the final report from the IPR meeting as soon as he receives it.

I was asked if the Computing spaces could be made to look more appealing, Neil asked the students if they have any suggestions to do this then to let him know.

It was asked if the DICE machines could have docking stations of HDMI/USB cables so the students would hook up their laptops to the monitors but Mohammed explained that there would be no way to secure the cables and they would end up going missing and they couldn’t include docking stations as they would not all be compatible to all laptops.


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