Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd March 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


No Reps in attendance.


INF2-SEPP the students would like more time for coursework 3, for the last 2 weeks the students have been really busy with coursework across UG2.

*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*


Students are very busy with coursework there are a lot of deadlines on the 28th March.

OS is proving to be very difficult with a steep learning curve, the students feel that the course does not have enough background and useful for anything.

Dissertation students are being given take home assignments by some supervisors for them to do to see if they are suitable for a project, this can take up to 2 hours to do on top of the heavy coursework deadlines.

*Action Bjoern to look into this*

There is a very limited choice of Artificial Intelligence based projects to choose from.


It is reported that some UG projects appeared to be copied from previous MSc project and they have not been edited to suit UG, some projects required Formal Verification which students can’t take until they are in the 4th year.


AV due to the lecturer striking the students have only had 5/6 classes out of 10, the have received no material, they have lost 10 bonus points for missing a guest lecture and they are getting really anxious about what will be examined, as they have received no information.  They would like to have a revision lecture of some information on what to expect in the exam.

*Action Bjoern to talk to the lecturer*


Bjoern has asked the Reps to get in touch with him regarding workloads, he would like to know what courses the students feel are beyond their specification for example has a 10 credit course got more work than a 20 credit course, the School is looking into the heavy workload and trying to work out a way to reduce this for next year.

There are several locations in the University central campus that have issues with wif-fi, Bjoern asked if the students could send him the information on locations and he will take this up with Information Services.

*Action Bjoern*

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