Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Year 1

–          Students were pleased to have received their assignment feedback on time

–          They mentioned that some tutorials didn’t seem to be going ahead due to the strikes and would have appreciated being notified in advance. NH explained that this would defeat the purpose of the strike action, but that no further strikes were planned for the remainder of the Semester so further disruption is unlikely.

Year 2

No comments

Year 3

–          Students have still not received feedback for Informatics Large Practical. They have been given a revised deadline which has pushed it back by one month

–          The remote network access used by the System Design Project is not stable. It appears that Computing Support website with instructions is outdated.

–          All the coursework dates seem to be clustered in March; as a lot of the courses are more CW focused, this is putting more pressure on students as it is more difficult. It was noted that this has always been a fine balance as if the dates were pushed any later then feedback may not be received in time for the exam diet. Students have such a large choice of courses and this is something that can be considered when choosing courses

Year 4

–          Students are still pushing for an extension to the Year 4 project. NH advised that there is no guarantee that there will be any additional extensions this year

–          Feedback on Software Testing coursework was that the nature of the work doesn’t appear to be very meaningful. Updates on the assignment would keep being released which meant people had to redo work they’d already completed. The assignments should be proof tested before being released.


–          The microphone in AT LT5 isn’t working. ACTION: NH confirmed he will follow up once again with Estates

–          There are no marks for IRR, there was a large amount of extensions for the course but there has been no timeline of when the marks will be due

–          Feedback from the Secure Programming course is that the lecturer provides a lot of detail at the beginning of the lecture but as they tend to run out of time towards the end, the remainder is covered at a high level. It would be good to have more of a balance with the level of detail here. BF advised that the lecturer is relatively new and a little inexperienced, so maybe the issue should be fed back to the lecturer directly.


Additional comments

Some coursework, especially for 10 credit point courses, isn’t worth a lot of credits but takes up a lot of time


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