Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 9th March 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 9th March 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1-OOP coursework 2 has been released but the students would like more transparency and an example layout of what it should look like.  The Language MCQ answers are too explained, it would have been better to have them written out more plainly.

INF1-CG although the course is open to non-Informatics students, some students have not done any coding or assignments in Phyton previously, it would be good to have an induction tutorial or video to let students see what to expect beforehand, as a lot of students end up dropping out, as the course isn’t what it seems.


INF2-FDS the coursework marks are back and the marks are not justified by the feedback, a lot of students got lower marks than expected.  There was a feedback session held today.  David explained that the 3 markers were well aligned with the marking, and some didn’t give as detailed feedback as others but due to the volume of the coursework, more time for marking would have been beneficial, hopefully more time will be given for the next assignment.

SEPP the students would like to know how to achieve a mark of over 80 in the coursework, it isn’t clear as to what they are aiming to achieve,

Some students feel that he/she should be renamed in the slides as “they”.


CT initially had 4 coursework’s and one was then dropped due to the Strike action and the weighing was changed, coursework one was worth 20% and it is now worth 30%, the students feel that out of the one coursework that was dropped then they should have been able to pick which coursework they wanted to do.  Bjoern explained that the BoE will look at any courses that were affected by the Strike.

ADS there is still no Piazza page, coursework one was not explained in the lectures or the reading, there is no support.

*Action Bjoern*

CS coursework 2 was a really good challenge.

SDP the students are busy with Demo’s.

Honours Project choice deadline be extended?

*Action Bjoern*


NLU+ coursework feedback was meant to be returned the previous Friday and It wasn’t and coursework 2 is already released.

ST there was issues with the coursework and the demonstrator is trying to fix it.

AV the lectures recordings are over running the scheduled recording time, which means the video cut off before the lecture ends.  Could the coursework model be improved?  The files for the coursework were both wrong, and this wasn’t spotted until after the coursework had been started!  The lecturer has extended the deadline by 2 weeks to the 31st March.  Due to the Strike action there has been lectures missed and the students have no idea what will be examined there is no material only Powerpoint slides and will there be a exam revision sessions?

*Action Bjoern*

SP the lecturer spends a lot of time of points but then runs through the lecture to quick, also could the lecture recordings be longer?


IRR has still not returned any feedback and no deadline for this has been given!


There is another Strike to be held between the 20th and 25 March, and also a marking boycott is being talked about.  It was asked if some deadlines could be extended but Bjoern explained that extending deadlines could lead to further problems, coursework marking that lead to Graduation will be priority.

Bjoern will talk to Engineering regarding their marking and feedback given in Gradescope.

*Action Bjoern*

MSc students will be granted access to level 9 around the 9th April, Neil will follow this up with an email.

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