Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 30th March 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 30th March 2022

In attendance Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Michelle Bain ITO, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies : Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching


Calculus and its Applications the students are confused about the marking scheme, and the information on the course on Learn and Piazza both differ!


IADS Quiz 4 was disregarded due to the strike.

SEPP the coursework is now back and the students are not happy with the marking scheme and that you can’t achieve any more than 80 marks, you also have to submit an essay and you don’t get a good mark for it if it isn’t of publishable quality!


SDP the students were asked to produce an A1 size poster with 5 days’ notice and prepare a mock presentation with one days’ notice, the students are working for weeks on hardware and they feel that this should be reduced.

CS the lectures are badly run, the coursework release was a week late and the deadline has been set for the 12th April which falls into the spring break, SDP concludes on the 8th April which is taking up a lot of the students time and they feel that if the CS coursework was released when it should have been it would have made the workload easier and the communication from the CS course is not great!

FNLP is a well organised course, good guidance and the communication regarding strike action and curriculum changes were well received.

ADS there is no response on Piazza.

*Action Bjoern*

OS coursework one was completed in average hours, coursework two took along the lines of 20/30 hours and coursework three the advanced task was in two parts and not worth a lot so some students didn’t see the point in doing it being worth so little.


No issues to report.


No Reps in attendance.


It was requested that information could be sent out to students explaining the common marking scheme and the rubrics?

Careers are scheduling events the week the UG4 Dissertations are due.

The keyboards in AT are really dirty and sticky.

Lack of hand soap in level 5 toilets.

There is a roof leak on the concourse.

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