Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 12h October 2022

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 12h October 2022

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Toni Noble Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Chloe Downing Student Adviser, Beth Hughes Student Advisor, Kendal Reid ITO

Bjoern suggested that if students have quite a lot to report then to send himself and Neil a list of bullet points, that can be looked into prior to the meeting.


INF1A the students reported that for the CL part of the course the tutorial questions were a lot different to the weeks before!  They found the optional question 3 very confusing and were unsure how to write or express it.

The Drop in Labs on a Monday are very busy, as the hand in is on a Tuesday, it would be worthwhile looking at getting another Demonstrator to cover the Monday slot.

*Action Kendal to talk to Don Sannella*

All tutor names are listed against each tutorial group number in Learn in the Tutorial Details listed on the left hand side.


INF2-IADS the students feel that the course has a lot of work especially as it is a full year course.

INF2-FDS the course is well organised and enjoyable.

DMP is really well ran and the students enjoy doing samples in the lectures.

INF2-CS the labs are covering content ahead of the lectures!  The would prefer content to be covered in the lectures first.

Joint courses such as Computer Science and Maths have timetabling issues, as Maths and Physics are based at King’s Buildings, sometimes they can’t attend live classes due to the time constraints getting from A to B.  Bjoern explained that this is always the case with courses being held on different Campuses!


COMN lectures are good and the Quizzes.

ST the students have spoken to the Course Organiser about the issues from last week and the Course Organiser was happy with the feedback and to discuss it.

ILP there are issues with the Piazza page, the students feel that the replies they receive can be inappropriate.

*Bjoern to talk to the Course Organiser*


TTDS is a very well ran course.

CAR is very enjoyable.

CiC the lectures are great.


The Reps would like to find out more about why students frequently ask to change courses, Neil suggested sending out an email to the Cohort.

PhD applications can be submitted in November, if students require a reference they should ask their Supervisor.


Students are asking if the emails sent out about tutoring posts could be limited to the people who are only interested in applying for roles.  Neil explained that this is difficult as there is no specific email list!

What is TARDIS, Bjoern explained that TARDIS is part of a club ran by CompSoc.  TARDIS is a project group of servers, primarily run and maintained by students and alumni of UoE.  They aim to provide services like GitLab, email and service hosting to users, and to give students a safe sandbox for system administration.


Could more monitors be supplied on Level 9?  Neil also explained that no-one should be allowing anyone who is not meant to be on Level 9 access, it is strictly for final year students only!

*Action Neil*

The Wi-Fi Eduroam has been dropping out recently, it was suggested if there are certain black spots then to report them to Information Services.

Informatics hoodies the design is still being worked on, and once this has been done hoodies will be ordered and available to purchase.

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