Staff Student Rep Meeting – November 2, 2022

Year 4
AT Opening Hours: Students frustrated by AT Opening hours and would like to have them extended.
PT/ SA: There is some confusion around changing PTs and unresponsiveness
Year 3
Course selection: Meaningful idea to have older students help advise younger students around course selections and their experiences with it. Could be a good idea for next year as we move to a full SA and CL model.
Year 2
Situation on Piazza where students told they were not to speak about a coursework. Neil to follow up with Kim Stonehouse to see what this is about.
Year 1
Neil to follow up with Don to see why he is playing loud movie soundtracks at 9 am lecture and if he can consider turning it down.
InfPals attendance has been poor. Neil to look into why this has been the case.
Neil to follow up with Course organisers on AML if calculator is allowed for the exams
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