Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th January 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th January 2023

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Beth Hughes Student Adviser, Kendal Reid ITO

Bjoern explained to the Reps that Neil Heatley is now on secondment for 9 months in the Wellbeing Centre, Neil will be replaced by Philippa Ward from Academic Services.

Updates: The School is developing an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project course as an alternative to SDP alongside other entrepreneurship opportunities, e.g. an Entrepreneurial Club.


Calculus and its Applications have homework to complete by 16:00 but the content of the assignment is covered on that day until 14:00 which only leaves the students a 2 hour window to complete, but in this 2 hour slot the students have others thing to do in that time.  Bjoern suggested the students contact the course organiser.

INF1B there are some scheduling issues, Bjoern explained that the course organiser is running a new type of tutorial allocation and if there are any issues to contact Fiona McNeill.


No Reps in attendance.


SDP have to work in groups and some group members are not showing up especially students in the CS and Electronics degree, the Reps don’t know if it is because they don’t have any previous hardware knowledge?

OS introduced tutorials and the students find them relatively easy but they are also helpful on learning C.


BDL is a 10 credit course with 4 pieces of coursework, one which was set over the Christmas break, they are questioning if this course should be a 20 credit course?

Bjoern explained that there is student feedback regarding the amount of time it says that coursework should take to complete and how long the students actually spent, there could be miscommunications on how long coursework actually takes to complete from a student’s prospective.  It could be possible for the course organiser to say how long they think it should take and get the feedback from the students on how long they spent.


If students want to look at previous course recordings they can find this on Media Hopper Replay, but this information is only available for 12 months and then it is deleted.

There are no portable whiteboards on level 3 and 4 AT.

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