Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 1st February 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 1st February 2023

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Philippa Ward Head of Student Services, Marjorie Brewer Student Adviser, Carol Dow User Support Manager, Kendal Reid ITO

Pippa introduced herself as Neil Heatley’s replacement whilst Neil is on secondment until September 2023.


INF1-CG the tutorials are too short the students would like more time to ask questions and discuss the content, they would also like more resources to be made available.

Maths lectures have been cancelled due to Strike Action and there is no material made available online.

INF1B it was reported that there was some confusion with the exercise, the TA explained that he will take this back to the Course Organiser.


No Reps in attendance.


SDM Q&A sessions have a clash with the Computer Security lecture, the students have spoken with the SDM Course Organiser and they are open to change.

*Action Bjoern*

CS has 3 cousrework’s but one can only be done on a DICE machine in AT, they cannot use the remote desktop DICE, it is inconvienent for some students to travel to AT.  Bjoern has asked the students to forward him more information.

*Action Bjoern*


ILP the students are still waiting on their feedback, Bjoern explained that this is the first time this Course Organiser has taught this course and the marking exercise is large, so therefore it is taking longer than anticipated to return.

In general students are finding when feedback is due and it gets pushed back and then back again it is very frustrating!

The Head of School has sent out an email to Teaching Staff asking them to prioritise marking and Project Supervisors meetings on non-Strike days.  Students can contact Student Advisors or their PT if there are any issues with not being able to meet with their Supervisors.  Pippa added that although Special Circumstances do not cover the Strike action, students can still apply for Special Circumstances if they have a personal reasons.

It was reported that some Supervisors are not aware that they have to arrange Project Presentations!

There is concern about the possible marking boycott and how this will affect students Graduating in the Summer, although Bjoern hopes it doesn’t get to that there are ways that if no marks are returned the Board of Examiners can look at the past grades and award a Pass or Fail if a final grade is not available.  Students will be awarded with a Degree but this could also come without a Degree Classification!  Bjoern not sure if you wanted this added in!


There is a Q & A Project Proposal meeting held at the same time as the Rep meeting, Bjoern will talk to the Course Organiser, we may have to alternate the timings of the Rep meeting.

*Action Bjoern*

ASR has coursework and tutorials that are set to work in pairs and they are not sure what the best way to do this in finding a suitable partner, if you have to do this yourself!  Bjoern explained that INF2-SEPP previously had the same set up and the Course Organiser created the pairs and some students weren’t happy!


Bjoern asked the Reps to send any information on teaching activities that have been affected due to the ongoing Strike action to the ITO where this information will be collated.

Pippa asked what the students preferred communication was, and it was email, Pippa will form a generic email and send one out once a week possibly on a Friday.

Carol has asked the Reps to remind their colleagues to NOT turn of the machines or unplug them in the labs.  The Labs now have QR posters which can offer help, there is no longer an office in Appleton Tower as they are now based on Level 2, Informatics Fourm and new business cards will be placed in the ITO, Level 6, Appleton Tower.

There is also two Intern posts for the Summer which will be advertised soon.

It was reported that a student felt harassed when entering the building whilst the strike was ongoing, Carol will look into this.

It was reorted that a student who has mental health issues had arranged a meeting with their PT, and the PT did not turn up!  Bjoern advised that the students who  have issues should report to the Student Advisers on Level 6, AT or contact them on if they cannot get their PT.

There is lot of spam messages going around, Carol asked if they could be flagged to Computing Support who will forward this on to Information Services.

The clocks are not working in the Appleton Tower Lecture Theatres.

*Action Kendal*



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