Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 8th February 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 8th February 2023

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Philippa Ward Head of Student Services, Toni Noble Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Jose Garcia Student Adviser, Kendal Reid ITO


Nothing to report, the INF1B tutorial allocations has now been resolved.


SEPP the students are enjoying the coursework.

INF2D is a good course and the text book is very good.

IADS is a good course, there are 5 quizzes altogether but the students feel that there are a lot of questions in each quiz, the students feel that if the amount of questions were fewer then they would have more time to work on problems!

FDS the students find the coursework to be tedious, there is a lot of writing!  The students wondered if it was possible to have a workshop in writing!

Bjoern suggested that the students could use the Institute for Academic Development who run courses on things such as writing.


CS is very well organised.  The students spoke with the Course Organiser about the coursework only being able to be completed by using the DICE machines in the AT Labs and not remotely as the folder is only accessible on the DICE Machines in AT, Bjoern will talk with Computing Support.

*Action Bjoern*

FNLP is a very good course.

The students are happy about the plans for the Student Experience Project.

The students received an email about the UG4 Project proposals but there was no deadline stated!


IDB and ML averages are reported to be low, the academic averages have not been published these get done after the Boards of Examiners, so it is unclear where this information has come from!

Bjoern explained that low averages are looked at by the BoE covering borderline cases, classifications boundaries and impact of any courses that appear to be difficult.

There is no project deadline on the Learn pages.  Bjoern also mentioned that Teaching Committee have an agenda to discuss how projects are run in the future.


The deadline for students submitting their project choices is Friday 10th at 17:00 hours, and there are concerns about being marked suitable or unsuitable or none of the above.


Can students let the ITO know what if any of their teaching activities have been affected by the ongoing Strike action so this can be recorded.

Appleton Tower opening times are 08:00 to 20:00

Clocks in lecture theatres 1 and 4 Appleton Tower have been reported.

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