Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 5th April 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 5th April 2023

In attendance: Bjoern Franke, Director of Teaching, Philippa Ward Head of Student Services, Liam McCabe Student Adviser, Dimitrios Rakovitis Senior Computing Support Officer, Toni Noble Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager, Kendal Reid ITO


The Reps had their UG1 Staff Student Liaison meeting today with the Course Organisers from INF1B and INF1-CG, where all UG1 issues were covered.


Nothing to report, the students had their UG2 Staff Student Liaison meeting on Monday with the Course Organisers for IADS, SEPP and FDS.


SDP presentation day is today, where the students are displaying their models.

Honours Project it was asked what the causes the slight delay in releasing the project allocations, Bjoern explained that although most projects will be allocated there will be a few students who have not been allocated a project and once they have been then the allocations will be released.

If you are doing a joint Degree for example CS & Maths, can you choose to do your project with Maths?  Bjoern explained that our projects are worth 40 credits but if you chose to do one with Maths it would mean doing two projects equalling 20 credits each but you would need to talk to your PT and then get approval from the Schools Curricular Officer.

CS coursework 3 is very difficult, the students understand the question but they don’t know how to use the tools, there has been no guidance and instructions, there is very little response on Piazza!  They have not received the last coursework marks and the live demonstration did not have enough information!

*Action Bjoern to talk to the Course Organiser*

OS the students feel that this course should have had labs to assist with coursework!  There is a lot of code with is not documented.


The students were really grateful for their Project deadline extension and thank Bjoern for his email he sent out.


No Reps in attendance, Bjoern also mentioned that all MSc students are required to be here over the summer.


In the new Semester, students will no longer have Personal Tutors – instead, each student will be allocated a Student Adviser. This has implications for the way in which course enrolment will be done. Instead of meeting with their PTs in September to choose courses, continuing students will be asked to fill out course enrolment forms from May onwards. It is important that students complete these forms as early as possible, particularly if they want to enrol on popular courses with quotas.

To help students complete their course enrolment forms, course enrollment guidance meetings for each year group will be taking place in w/b beginning 24 April. More information will be provided about these meetings shortly. In addition, students will receive some written guidance about the process. If students still have questions or concerns about course enrolment, they can contact their current PT or the Student Support Office for help.

There will be an email sent out to students the week of 24th April explaining the new systems for course enrollments

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