Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 4th October 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 4th October 2023

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Services, Sophie Mills Student Experience Manager, Chrissy Student Adviser, Meredith Corey Learning Technologist, James Garforth UG1 Year Organiser, Luo Mai UG2 Year Organiser, Steve Tonneau UG3 Year Organiser, Shay Cohen MSc Year Organiser


There deadline for INF1A-CL Quizzes are set at 12 noon on a Saturday, the quizzes are released on a Friday for the deadline due the next day.

*Action Neil*

ILA quizzes are released on a Monday and are due the next again day on the Tuesday.


DMP lectures are held in George Square and then at least 300 students have 10 minutes to get to EICC for their next class.  Neil explained that the upheaval of having to adjust timetables due to the flat roof issues in lectures theatres 4 and 5 resulting in them becoming out of action will hopefully be resolved soon.

ILA and Calculus courses the students are finding these to be difficult.  They feel the switch between what is taught in first year and second year would possibly be best to switch what is taught from one year group to another.  James explained that there are discussions regarding a UG1 review.


Can CS have live lectures?  The lectures are recorded but it would be good to have them live, Meredith explained this could be that the room doesn’t have the capability to give live lectures or it could also be the choice of the course organiser.


MOSS course is reported to be very good.


The students were enquiring about the new extension rules being brought it and Neil explained that the University felt it was better to standardise it, and hopefully resulting in better planning when it comes to returning marks.  The School Rep Aurora Chua said they are talks with the Student Council and the Reps could bring any concerns to her and she will pass them  on.

The students would like more communication about MAB course from the School.

*Action Neil*

Learn apparently keep crashing especially at night, Meredith asked the students to send her more information and she can look into this.  Meredith also asked the Reps if someone could volunteer to attend a learning design workshop on the 30th October at the new course stating in January 2024 for Computer Graphics – Rendering.

The round small round table on level 9, was unstable this has now been fixed.

The screw from the door in Room 7.03 AT has come loose, this has now been looked at.


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