Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 15th November 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 15th November 2023

In attendance: Toni Noble ITO Deputy Manager, Marjorie Brewer Student Adviser, Meredith Corey Learn Technologist, Christopher Computing Support Assistant, James Garforth UG1 Course Organiser,  Kendal Reid ITO


The feedback gathered from the Reps has been sent to the Course Organisers, they would like some acknowledgement that it will be considered.

They also asked if there was some screening process for employing tutors and demonstrators, they feel that when asking for help they don’t seem to understand what the students are asking! INF1 tutors in attendance said that they do get the solutions in advance and are meant to prepare in advance.  James said that there is a review on INF1A going forward.

ILA feedback is coming back late!


Nothing to report they only have one coursework, one homework and one quiz left to do.


CS the coursework is difficult but the tutorials are good.


MLP Issues have been sent directly to the Course Organiser.

HCI the instructions for coursework 3 are missing, and coursework 3 depends on the feedback from coursework 2 which has not been returned!  They also had to do an individual quiz which consisted of 500/600 words and multiple choice questions in one hour!

If students require a reference for MSc and PhD applications with the inclusion of missing marks due to MAB this can be requested through their Cohort Leader.

Students have queries about Graduations which they will talk to Neil directly.


A request was made for the new design of hoodies to have their Degree titles on them?

*Action Neil*



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