Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th October 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th October 2023

In attendance: Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Services, Toni Noble ITO Deputy Manager, Sophie Mills Student Experience Manager, Marjorie Brewer Student Adviser, Meredith Corey Learning Technologist, James Garforth UG1 Year Organiser, Steve Tonneau UG3 Year Organiser, Adam Lopez UG4 Year Organiser, Shay Cohen MSc Year Organiser, Kendal Reid ITO


There is deadlines for INF1A-CL Quizzes at 12 noon on a Saturday, the quizzes are released on a Friday for the deadline due the next day.  It was asked if this could be moved?

*Action Toni*

The students feel that there are inconsistencies in the INF1A tutorials, some tutors are very engaging and some aren’t.  The tutorials have compulsory and optional questions some being difficult and some being easy but the students feel the easier questions seem to be the ones the tutors favour.  In the Maths tutorials they have different exercises to do each week and the tutorials are very much student led with group discussions which the students like.


INF2C-CS coursework one was released late on Friday/Saturday and as it is based on C they feel it would have better to have been released on the Monday or mid-week!  There appears to be lecture recordings missing, which could be due to a recording failure or changes in room locations!  Previous recordings on C would be useful for the students to access.

Students are struggling to understand Assembly and feel they are trying to learn this on their own and would like more resources!

They also feel that at the start of the year set up guides should be made available of teaching students how to install programmes on their laptops, even if it was one session solely focussed on this.  Bjoern explained that there is links in the Computing Support pages explaining how to do this.


ADS has no tutorials, workshops or access to practical material.

MOB the quiz material appears to have a bug.

CARD has a deadline is approaching soon the room used for the demonstrations is too small, there isn’t any space for anyone to show their demo’s, it is held one a week on a Tuesday for 2 hours, could this maybe be split into two rooms?


MLP coursework one was released 2 days late and now has a 10 day deadline, could this deadline be extended?

*Action Neil*

HCI lacks any content and no labs, there is also nothing in place to help them prepare for the class test.  Bjoern explained that the Course Organiser is going to talk to the students directly.

CGR have tutorials which are all on a Monday at 10am, 11am, 12 noon in the Central Area, some students can’t attend as their timetables on a Monday are set at KB.


The students asked if there was some kind of study space available for them to interact with the rest of their year group.  Neil said as the cohort is so big this may not be possible but he will look into this.

*Action Neil*


Informatics Careers event held by Rebecca in Appleton Tower was well received and they hope this could become a regular thing.

There is no update on the marks being returned for the MAB courses, the Boards of Examiners are going ahead next week, but it isn’t hopefully that the SDP marks will be returned, and if they are returned after the Boards then they will go to the January Boards.

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