Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 1st November 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 1st November 2023

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Professional Services, Toni Noble ITO Deputy Manager, Sophie Mills Student Experience Manager, Liam McCabe Student Adviser, Alex Burford Mohammed Javaid Computing Support Officer, Steve Tonneau UG3 Year Organiser, Adam Lopez UG4 Year Organiser, Shay Cohen MSc Year Organiser,  Kendal Reid ITO


The issues of the INF1A deadline being on a Saturday was acknowledged by the Course Organisers an they were sent the feedback collated from the Reps.  This weekend deadline will be taken to Teaching Executive.

*Action Neil*


INF2C-CS the students would like access to the past papers on the Library web pages, Toni explained that if there is no paper available it means that the Course Organiser has not approved the publication.

INF2-IADS the coursework disappeared from the Learn page for 24 hours, this is due on the 10th! Neil explained that this could be human error or amendments he will contact the Course Organiser.

*Action Neil*


CG workshop was good.


No Reps in attendance.


The course website for Computer Programming for Speech and Language Processing was found to work on the university VPN but not the Informatics school VPN. The school has indicated that this is because this course by PPLS (a different school, and not by Informatics)

The estimated timeline for dissertation projects is available here:  Please note that this is last year’s website and will be updated.

The School of Informatics is going to launch the school branding clothes for the MSc students of the class of 2024, Neil will talk to the Cohort for suggestions.
*Action Neil*


Publication date is 6th November for MAB, the School is aiming for Friday 3rd November but not for SDP.

The Exam timetable due to be released on Friday 3rd November.

Informatics Careers event will extended to Room 6.16, level 6 every Wednesday.  Sophie will put in posters advertising this.

*Action Sophie*

The students have raised concerns about the AT opening times which are every day including weekends 8am – 8pm, they would like this to be extended and although Neil explained that this decision was due to Health and Safety reasons and the students well-being.  The students explained that sometimes it isn’t possible work within the 8am – 8pm times due to other commitments and they often require the use of the DICE machines.  Aurora Chau the School Rep is going to send out a survey to the students and ask for feedback and Neil will look into this again.

*Action Neil*

Mohammed also mentioned that Virtual Dice is available to install on their laptops and you can also log in via RDP service in the Library.  Mohammed also asked the Reps to let student know NOT to unplug the machines from the electric points in the floors and also explained that if someone is logged into a DICE machine and left it then you can log them out by using Control, ALT and Backspace.  Some monitors on level 9 are showing as no signal, it was asked if the students could log these with Computing Support on the Support Form page indicating the name of the machine.

Rooms 5.02 and 5.03 on level 5 have been refurbished and the School are looking at maybe turning them into a quiet lab and a group lab, Neil has asked the students to have a look and them him know their thoughts.

Lights in Room 2.12 AT are not working.

*Action Kendal*

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