Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 25th October 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 25th October 2023

In attendance: Toni Noble ITO Deputy Manager, Sophie Mills Student Experience Manager, Ray Finlayson Student Adviser, Adam Kirylczuk Computing Support Officer, Steve Tonneau UG3 Year Organiser, Adam Lopez UG4 Year Organiser, Kendal Reid ITO


The Reps sent out a feedback survey to the class consisting on 5 questions asking about clarity of tutorials, quality of tutorial explanations, interaction and engagement.  Some students feel some tutors are approachable and cooperative but they wondered why should they attend tutorials if they receive a high score, they don’t see the point and there is lack of discussion.  They also feel that language barriers can be quite problematic.  The Drop in labs they would like more guide on how to answers questions rather than the answer being displayed on the board

The INF1A deadline being at 12 noon on a Saturday will stand , the quiz opens at 3pm straight after the lecture on a Friday and the students have 30 minutes to complete it.


A survey was sent out to the students from the Reps regarding the coursework  and within under 12 hours there was about 100 replies.  Task 3 is proving to be too difficult, and the this task is part of 6 and the students are really worried they are not going to bale able to complete it.  The labs and lectures have not prepared them for this and there is not enough lab demonstrators to assist.  The students were asking of the deadline which is Friday 27th October could be extended?  They have lots of deadlines due for all other courses and this is causing them to feel anxious.

*Action Sophie*


PI the students are enjoying working in groups and the tutorials are engaging.

MSC the topics are good.

ILP lectures are not helpful they only cover some concepts, the students would like some new material to be covered and the coursework 1 instructions are confusing and have no clarity.

CSEC the live lectures are insightful and there are to many new concepts and it is quickly paced making it difficult to catch up, the tutorials have good discussions.  Coursework 1 was difficult to set up  and coursework 2 is better.


MLP is only giving 10 days to complete coursework 2, despite it being 40% of the grade, it was also raised the issue of unhelpful Piazza responses in relation to the MLP coursework clarification questions.

CGR is a very good and interesting course.

CAR the coursework is good.

DBS is enjoyable.

ITCS the lectures are well structured.


Sophie mentioned that there will be a PhD drop in session on life as a PhD coming soon and an email will be sent out.

*Action Sophie*

 The students would like more regular meetings with their PT’s, Sophie explained that Personal Tutors do not exist anymore they have Student Advisers, their names are on their EUCLID records and can be contacted any time, and they are based on Level 6 of AT.


Informatics Careers event held by Rebecca in Appleton Tower on level 3 will extended to level 6.

It is likely that the SDP marks will be returned in January due to lack of markers and taken to the January Boards.

Suggestion was raised that School could include calendar invites for Inf Connect events to boost attendance.

AT opening times are every day including weekends 8am – 8pm, also you will need to use your PIN out of hours for access, apparently Security has told the students the building in not open at the weekend.

*Action Neil*

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