Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 8th November 2023

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 8th November 2023

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Professional Services, Toni Noble ITO Deputy Manager, Sophie Mills Student Experience Manager, Meredith Corey Learn Technologist, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support Officer, James Garforth UG1 Year Organiser, Steve Tonneau UG3 Year Organiser, Adam Lopez UG4 Year Organiser, Kendal Reid ITO


INF1A the deadline on a Saturday will be taken to Teaching Committee to discuss.

No other issues.


INF2-IADS the issue with the coursework disappearing last week for 24 hours, Neil talked to the Course Organisers this was due to a technical challenge being updated, there was no changes to the original coursework online.

INF2C-CS the students would like access to past papers as they are not available on the Past Papers Library page, the Course Organiser has agreed not to allow them to be published, sometimes papers and solutions can be edited and reused.

There are no solutions to the the lab work.


MOB some students are finding it difficult to hear the lecturer and covers complex topics too quickly, the students would prefer it to be at a more slower pace!

ADS questions on Piazza are going unanswered and there was no tutorials for the first few weeks.

CS Piazza page is not frequently monitored, Neil said he would expect replies to be within 3 days but the students should ask the Course Organiser as what the students should expect the time frame should be for replies.


MLP the request for extension for CW2 is suggested to take this to the Course Organiser, the students feel that coursework one was difficult and worth 10% and they are concerned that for coursework 2 they have 10 days to complete it and it is worth 40%, they would prefer it if the coursework was released a bit earlier.  Sophie explained that if the students want to ask for their own extensions through ESC they would need to have a valid excuse which can be viewed here:

HCI the Q&A session about formative coursework was good.

CNS has a deadline on the 24th and the students would like this to be moved to the 27th, the students also have BIO1 and IAML in the same week, it was explained to the students that all the deadlines are set out at the start in their coursework planner and it is all about managing their time around these deadlines.


A design for new merchandise has been created, this will be sent to Neil.


The exam timetable was released as scheduled.  Meredith explained that once all exams papers are complete the rubric will be announced on the Learn pages, so the students know what to expect.

The PhD talk by INFConnect was good and well attended.

Invite the Postgrad Rep to the meeting.

*Action Neil*

If anyone wants to view their exam script, this request can be made to the ITO.

The whiteboards on level 2, are proving difficult to remove previous writing.

If new whiteboard pens are required they can be collected from the ITO on Level 6 AT.

Plug sockets on level 4 are not working.

*Action Kendal*

The School Rep was at the College SSLC Meeting and the topic of AT opening hours is still ongoing.

Access to connecting to virtual DICE can be problematic it was suggested at the start of semester there should be a workshop on this topic!

A open course for remoting working on DICE can be found here:

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