Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 31th January 2024

Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 31th January 2024

In attendance:

Toni Noble, ITO Deputy Manager; Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching; Sophie Mills, Student Experience Manager; Meredith Corey Learn Technologist; Dimitrios Rakovitis, Computing Officer; James Garforth UG1 Year Organiser; Steve Tonneau, UG3 Year Organiser; Chloe Downing, Student Adviser, Rose Hynd ITO


It was noted that some students found the maths courses easier than others. This was attributed to different schooling systems allowing school students to take higher level classes pre-university. It was responded by Bjoern that they were actively looking at the curriculum for UG1 – some students used to be allowed direct entry to UG2, this resulted in 50% having failed which is why students are not allow direct entry anymore.


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ACP – The Reps voiced dissatisfaction due to the fact that the course is taught solely online. Students would like in-person tutorials.

Reps voiced concerns over the structure of content. Students would like to feel more supported through receiving more of a base knowledge of the course, as sometimes they feel like they have missed important basic information that has not been covered. It was also noted that the course specifications are only in bullet points rather than fuller explanations which students feel like they would benefit from. Concerns had been brought to the Reps on uneasiness regarding the auto-grading of the coursework, with students feeling like there is not full enough guidance as what to do to get each point.

Students would like further information regarding graduations. It was advised by Toni and Sophie to contact the graduation team as well as to view the graduation website for more information.

PDIOT the Reps asked when they could expect coursework marks, as they hadn’t been released yet and they were meant to come out in week 8, semester 1.

SENG – the Reps pointed out that the reading for week 1 was an entire book and a couple of chapters from an additional book. Lectures are recordings on YouTube that seem to just refer from a textbook; there is no additional content being added to these lectures.

The quality of lecture recordings are ‘off’; AGTA – slides are fine but the audio/visual is hard to see/understand. Math10093 is the same, if there is information being drawn on the whiteboard, students are unable to see it. FNLP lecture recordings, the audio comes off and on.

FNLP is highly regarded by the students, with Reps noting that lectures and content are very engaging.

There seemed to be some confusion surrounding reading week, in regards to what forms of teaching would take place, i.e., assessment deadlines.


No Reps.


Toni noted that the email has now been sent to students regarding the availability of lockers from Monday (05/02/24).

Board of Examiners, UG1 and UG2 have now been published. UG3 marks are being released this afternoon (31/01/24). It was asked if UG4 is coming out soon, Toni said it would be around the end of the week as Course Secretary is off ill.

Meredith said that the First Year Review is happening and looked for confirmation from Reps that students will be around in flexible working week.

It was announced that the School Representatives elections are now open.






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